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Alternative Medicine

The Female Heart Reacts More Sensitively To Stress

While the number of men dying from a heart attack has been constantly decreasing during the past twenty years, the fatal risk particularly in young women has increased significantly, finds a study.

Forget Yogurt — These Two Natural Probiotics Are A Far Better Value

One of the best and least expensive ways to optimize your gut microbiome is to eliminate sugars and processed sugars and eat traditionally fermented foods, but probiotic supplements can also be beneficial.

How Your Body Metabolizes And Uses Nutrients

Nutrients are substances necessary for the proper function, health, and support of your body and its processes. Essential nutrients are those that either cannot be made by the body at all or cannot be made in high enough amounts and must be consumed in the foods you eat.

Best Foods To Ease Varicose Veins

They say that food is the best medicine. Nature has provided us everything we need to treat and heal ourselves, and dietary treatments comes with few, if any, side effects.

Only One Liquid Is Necessary To Control Weight And Reduce Sugar, Sodium And Fat

For people who want to control their weight or reduce their intakes of sugar, sodium and saturated fat, water may be the answer.

John Grisham Is Giving His Book Away For Free To Educate People On An Alternative Cure For Cancer

John Grisham’s latest novel veers far away from his typical courtroom settings to provide information about an alternative cure for cancer — and he thinks it’s so vital, the book is free for everyone.

Shingles And Mother Nature’s Own Natural Vaccine

Some people think of chickenpox as a dangerous health condition, especially among children. But it is not life-threatening. In fact, it is actually nature's elegant design to defend you against a more problematic disease – shingles.

A Phytonutrient-Dense Herb Which Controls Blood Sugar, Cholesterol and Free Radicals

Coriander (Coriandrum sativum), commonly known as Cilantro or Dhania, is a powerful herb with many health benefits. This plant is rich in micronutrients and nutritional elements.

A History of Medicinal Mushrooms

While nearly everyone is familiar with a plant or two, and some people admit to a love affair with flowers, only a selective clan professes their passion for mushrooms.

First Aid for Cannabis Smokers

10 ways to reduce the health risks of smoking marijuana…

How To Get A Healthy Night’s Sleep

Sleep – it’s a vital requirement for everyone, and yet few of us seem to be getting enough of it.

Contribute To The Health Industry With A Biology Degree

If you have a passion for biology and want to make a difference in the world using your degree, you're in luck. There are many promising career opportunities in the healthcare industry where you can put your degree to good use.

The Clock Is Ticking

National Grid’s sanctioned experiment with the residents of Worcester recently passed the one-year mark. This, as the utility’s two-year “smart meter” pilot program — renamed Smart Energy Solutions — entered its second year January 1st.

What Our Breasts Are Telling Us

Author Florence Williams and her daughter discovered they had high levels of toxins—like flame retardants—in their bodies. Getting rid of the chemicals was harder than they expected.

Mexico Rules Consumption And Cultivation Of Cannabis Is A Fundamental Human Right

The world is slowly but surely turning the page on one of the most fundamental rights we have on this Earth -- the right to consume, cultivate and possess a plant.

12 Excellent Healing Foods For Sore Throats

Coping with a sore throat is not a particularly pleasant process. Eating is the last thing that attracts you, but specific foods may actually fuel your body and accelerate recovery. Here are 12 healing foods which will give you enough nutrients to fight off not only your sore throat, but almost any complementary symptoms that come along with a cold.

12 Flowers You Didn't Know Heal The Body

Flowers are not only beautiful, but they can be used as essential ingredients in a food and medicine. Many edible flowers are rich in phenolics and have excellent antioxidant capacity…

Bioactive Glass - The Future Of Dental Fillings

Mercury amalgam fillings are now a well known toxicity to the body of both dental patients and dentists themselves.

15 Simple Lifestyle Changes That Can Add Over A Decade To Your Life

Simple health prevention and lifestyle strategies can help people achieve their optimal health potential and add a decade or more of healthy years to the average lifespan.

Light Therapy Can Help Seasonal Affective Disorder And Major Depression

For those of us living in the northern hemisphere, the winter solstice and least amount of daylight is fast approaching, as is the risk of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Sounds Of Healing

My first time camping in the United States was a combined experience of striking visual beauty and auditory shock. I was visiting from Sweden, spending time with Michael, the man who would later become my husband.

Model Health For Your Kids: Put Well-Being First And To-Do List Second

As educators and parents, we are often at a loss as to how to help our children. We try to soothe, cajole, convince, manipulate, force, explain, etc…

Want To Do Something Good For Your Health? Try Being Generous

Every day, we are confronted with choices about how to spend our money. Whether it’s thinking about picking up the tab at a group lunch or when a charity calls asking for a donation, we are faced with the decision to behave generously or not.

Acts Like A Trojan Horse To Cancer Cells In Your Body

Cancer cells actively transport this everyday nutrient into themselves because they mistake it for their preferred fuel. Was Linus Pauling right about vitamin C’s curative powers after all?

How To Treat Digestive Issues Naturally

If you struggle with digestive problems, you’re no stranger to the pain, cramping, and general discomfort that can ruin your mood, your productivity, and your day.

Why Your Health Is Bigger Than Your Body

New findings explain how politics, economics, and ecology can help or hurt our bodies.

7 Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea Daily

When you look at the benefits of green tea, the list seems to be endless. That’s largely because green tea is minimally processed, which helps preserve the natural polyphenols and antioxidants that protect the body’s health.

Can Listening To Music Help You Sleep?

In our always-on society, a solid chunk of nightly rest seems, well, like a dream. We shave the edges of sleep to keep up, exchanging extra waking hours for compromised health, productivity and safety.

These 5 Things Will Influence Your Health More Than Anything Else In Your Life

Most educational and government institutions around the world say we are destined for disease depending on our genetics and biology without ever addressing some of the most significant determinants that shape our health…

Health Freedom Rights For Herbalists and Others

Diane Miller and her lobbying organization, National Health Freedom Action are working on the behalf of herbalists and other healers to ensure their right to practice.

Worcester Yoga Center

Ann Bissanti is a Certified Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist with over 30 years experience who trained in India with Yoga Master B.K.S. Iyengar. She incorporates many years of meditation practices (Buddhist, Vipassana, TM and Siddha) and studies of Biokinetics and Ayurvedic applications of yoga in her work.

Why Poo Transplants Are Nothing To Be Sniffed At

Five years in the future we could be popping capsules to cure us and reboot our healthy gut community made up of our frozen poo we stored when we were healthy.

Pharma Bro’s 5,500% Price Hike Gets A Slap In The Face By Competitor Who Will Only Charge $1

In response to Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli raising the price of Daraprim from $13.50 to $750 a pill, a specialty pharmaceutical company announced Thursday that it has created an alternative medication that costs less than a dollar per pill.

Take A Walk: 11 Ways To Build The Healthy Habit

Walking might just be the easiest way to get in daily exercise. Here are a few ways to make the practice even easier.

Antibiotic Overuse Might Be Why So Many People Have Allergies

Scientists have warned for decades that the overuse of antibiotics leads to the development of drug-resistant bacteria, making it harder to fight infectious disease. But when we think of antibiotic overuse, we don’t generally think of allergies. Research is beginning to suggest that maybe we should.

The Truth About Cancer

Now showing: the documentary series the mainstream media refused to air is now playing online for free, for a limited time only, until October 22, 2015. “The Truth About Cancer — A Global Quest” is a nine-part docu-series now playing live with one episode per day.

The Scalar Energy Pathogenic Cleanse Disassembles And Eradicates Over 200,000 Species Of Pathogens And Parasites

Scalar energy is a direct manifestation from God, the Creator, and thus is perfect, eternal and divine light.

The Healing Beyond Cancer Kick Off At Emerson

The Healing Beyond Cancer is kicking off its’ workshop program in an eight-week series at Emerson Wellness Center in Concord, MA starting October 9th through December 4th.

How To Naturally Whiten Your Teeth (Top 3 Methods)

There’s a reason so many of us smile with our mouths closed when having our pictures taken. We are embarrassed by our stained teeth.

One Whiff Of These 10 Scents Can Relieve Stress Almost Instantly

Ever wonder why some scents make you feel relaxed or energized? It’s no coincidence and we have our olfactory system to thank for its intimate relationship with the brain, which affects both our memory and mood. Here are 10 scents which will enhance this system with just one whiff.

The Power of Information During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful time, filled with hope, expectancy and excitement. It can also be a time of concern—about the pregnancy, about the baby, and about the future.

Sole Exposed

Why, when it is a commonly held belief that bare feet are just far more comfortable than shoes, do more people not avail themselves of the enjoyment of feeling the earth under their soles?

Academy Of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine Offers Valuable Training For Both Doctors And Laypeople

Whether you just want to know more to help yourself and your family, or you want access to invasive procedures reserved for licensed practitioners, there's a path here for you.

Back To School - Giving Kids The Biggest Immunity Boost

It is good to know that kids do not have to be pumped full of vaccines and antibiotics to stay healthy.

Home Remedies for Dandruff

By the age of 20, about 50 percent of the population worldwide, and 20 percent of Americans have suffered from dandruff, which is an excess of dead skin that dots your hair and shoulders...

How One Man In His 70s Avoids Alzheimer's And Stays Physically And Mentally Fitter Than People Half His Age

Stephen Jepson may be one of the most creative and active people you will ever meet, especially at his age. From the time he rises until the time he retires, he is constantly moving and actively pursuing something fun and physically active all day long.

Turning the Tide on Health Freedom

These four superheros are actively fighting the health villains most doctors won’t talk about.

What A Broadened Understanding Of Health Means For Medical Office Staff

While we still have specialties in all fields of health care, we are learning more and more about the interconnected nature of all body systems and the importance of taking a broad view of the patient's overall situation in order to diagnose accurately and direct the patient to the appropriate treatment.

Life Changing Digestive Health

Getting control over digestion by improving one’s gut health is a life changing experience. It is totally worth the time and effort to improve your digestive health and to live pain free.

Save a Tooth or Save a Life? The Root Canal Controversy

Root canal can be one of the most detrimental procedures to overall health.
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Daily Astrology

May 21, 2018

The Leo Moon is void of course until late tonight. As a result the day lacks verve, not the best way to begin a working week. Expect attention spans to be short even as the desire for attention may seem exaggerated. Some needs remain unfulfilled…
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Alternative Health Directory

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May 2018

Spend a day in conversation with angels! Heal and empower yourself with the energy of angels. You will learn the special healing gift that each of nine healing angels brings and how this relates...

Cost: $111

Be Well Studios
3358 White Mountain Highway
North Conway, NH  03860
View map »

Sponsor: Pathway Of Joy
Telephone: 207-329-7192
Contact Name: Linda Huitt
Website »

More information

Do you desire more connection and intimacy? Do you want to increase the quality of your intimacy? Does fear of rejection, misinterpretation or expectations hold you back from initiating?...

Cost: $187 per person

Watertown Center for Healing Arts
22 Mount Auburn St
Watertown, MA
View map »

Sponsor: Conscious Intimacy
Telephone: 415-244-1652
Contact Name: Brynn Bishop
Website »

More information

With Dido Nydick A Restorative Yoga practice to experience relaxation for well-being. Each class will consist of a reclining pose sequence designed to restore the nervous system and help release...

Cost: $25

YogaLife Institute of NH
6 Chestnut Street
Lower Level
Exeter, NH  03833
View map »

Sponsor: YogaLife Institute of NH
Telephone: 603-867-3969
Contact Name: Alice Bentley
Website »

More information

Sunday yoga is back! Hatha Yoga with meditation to get you ready to tackle your spring intentions. Sign up for series or drop in. 

Cost: $75/5 classes; drop in $17.00

Dragonfly Wellness Center
176 Jackson Rd
Devens, MA
View map »

Sponsor: Dragonfly Wellness Center
Telephone: 978-227-8297
Contact Name: Anita Perry
Website »

More information

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No Events

Feel the bliss of opening your spine, while being totally supported and meticulously aligned. Great for sciatica and low back pain! Classes also held Saturday mornings.

Cost: $18 drop in

Bliss Through Yoga
484 Bedford St
East Bridgewater, MA  02333
View map »

Sponsor: Bliss Through Yoga
Telephone: 508-331-3564
Contact Name: Janice
Website »

More information

8 Week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course with Erin Woo Tuesdays, May 1 - June 19, 6–8:30 pm *Includes an all day retreat on Saturday, June 9 from 9 am - 4 pm Come explore the...

Cost: $290

Balance Bethlehem
2087 Main Street
Bethlehem, NH  03574
View map »

Sponsor: Balance Bethlehem
Telephone: 603-869-2125
Website »

More information

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No Events

YogaLife studio would like to offer this opportunity to slow it down, step back, notice your breath and sit quietly in community. Join us Thursdays from 5:40-6:30 PM. No Yoga...

Cost: Free

YogaLife Institute
6 Chestnut Street
Suite A
Exeter, MA  03833
View map »

Telephone: 603-969-8968
Website »

More information

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May 25 - 27 The heroic and shamanic journeys weave throughout human history. Each requires the protagonist to journey into another order of reality, a landscape of magic and mystery…...

Cost: $325 – includes food

Putney, VT  05346

Sponsor: Circles of Air and Stone
Telephone: 802-387-6624
Contact Name: Sparrow Hart
Website »

More information

Designed to prepare individuals who are interested in helping themselves and others in a rewarding career as a Professional Certified Hypnotist/Hypnotherapist. Live demonstration, supervised...

Cost: $1995 ppd. (Early Bird by 5/14 - $1795)

Women of Wisdom
118 Washington Street
North Easton, MA  02356
View map »

Sponsor: Women of Wisdom
Telephone: 508-230-3680
Contact Name: Women of Wisdom
Website »

More information

Dominic Boag is one of the UK’s finest psychic mediums. Dominic has been taking his events to audiences across Scotland. He is the Scottish Sun’s Psychic and writes his own column named...

American Legion Post 440
295 California St.
Newton, MA  02458
View map »

Sponsor: Greater Boston Church of Spiritualism
Telephone: 617-861-1440
Website »

More information

May 25 - 28, 2018 Save the date! Four days of learning, earth healing, music, meditation, dance and delicious organic food! All are welcome!

Old King Farm
567 Money Hole Road
Benson, VT  05743
View map »

Telephone: 802-537-3460
Website »

More information

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No Events
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