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Alternative Medicine

Book Review | Vital Face: Facial Exercises and Massage for Health and Beauty

You need exercise to keep your body healthy, but how often do you exercise the fifty muscles in your face and neck?

Book Review | Plant Spirit Medicine: A Journey into the Healing Wisdom of Plants

Healing with plants is a universal medical tradition. According to renowned teacher acupuncturist J.R. Worsley, "Anything that can be done with needles can also be done with herbs.

Direct Link Identified Between Alzheimer's and Aluminum

Aluminum has been long known to be neurotoxic, with mounting evidence that chronic exposure is a factor in many neurological diseases, including dementia, autism, and Parkinson's disease...

You, Too, Can Grow Fresh, New Bone

In most people, sometime during your 30s, your bone mass will begin to decline gradually. Exercise, however, naturally builds stronger bones...

Truth In Advertising?

It's hard to imagine that parents were once encouraged to "do their children a favor" and place them on a "strict regimen of sodas...

New Hope for Tired Brains

Until recently, neurologists believed that a person's brain stopped physically developing when they were 25 to 35 years old...

Health Is Normal

The best care that doctors of any type can do is to remove interferences that may be preventing your body from expressing its normal and optimal health potential...

Not All Belly Fat Is Fat

Not all belly fat is fat. Sometimes it is bloat, sometimes constipation, sometimes water weight and, yes, sometimes belly fat is just fat...

Can You Detect The Subtle Messages Your Body Is Sending You?

If we listen to our body, we can pick up the faintest, earliest warnings that something is amiss. With skill, these messages can be detected long before the health issue becomes serious...

Will Obamacare Support Alternative Holistic Practices?

It’s going to be very interesting to see what effect the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has on alternative medicine practices...

Secrets of Aboriginal Healing: A Physicist's Journey with a Remote Australian Tribe

Quantum physics and cellular biology are just discovering what the Aboriginal healing system has tapped into for thousands of years; consciousness exists at a cellular level...

Musings: Take the Plunge Into Commonsense Good Health

Many people mistakenly believe their bodies are frail and prone to disease. On the contrary, our bodies are infinitely wise in the ways to keep us healthy and adapt even the most unhealthy physical specimen into a living, breathing vehicle...

Healing Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Has IBS caused you to know where all the bathrooms are on your route? Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) affects 1 in 5 adults in the United States, making it one of the most common ailments...

10 Tips to Restore A Healthy Sleep Cycle

If you are having trouble sleeping on a nightly basis, you know how poor sleep affects your days. However, there are simple steps to take to get real results...

Reiki Success in Fertility Planning

In many areas of the world, medical treatments or health and wellness models include the integration of some type of energy medicine to treat the whole body. When one’s energy is out of balance, the body is impacted in some way...

The Wild Medicine Solution: Healing with Aromatic, Bitter, and Tonic Plants

Calling for a return to daily traditional cuisine, Guido Mase draws on his storytelling skills to reveal both the historic and contemporary uses of aromatic, bitter and tonic plants...

7 Keys to Lifelong Sexual Vitality: The Hippocrates Institute Guide to Sex, Health and Happiness

Healthy sex is potent medicine, and there is a wealth of scientific evidence to support the life-extension powers of this foundational drive....

Alzheimer’s Linked to Diet and New Type 3 Diabetes

New information is leading researchers to wonder whether Alzheimer’s may be a new version of diabetes, tentatively called type 3 diabetes, which hits the brain...

Waking Up to the Mind-Body Connection

An interview with paralyzed yoga teacher Matthew Sanford by holistic magazine publisher Carol Bedrosian reveals how turning off the body tuned in healing stories of the mind-body connection...

APA Reverses Its Position on Energy Psychology

In 1999, the American Psychological Association banned its continuing education organizations from granting psychologists continuing education credit (CEs) for studying energy psychology....

Smart Meters: The Winter Solstice Tsunami of 2012

During the summer of 2012, I housesat in a suburb of Boston. After a short time, I began feeling an in-rush of disruptive energy blanketing the neighborhood, inside the house and out...

Could A Niacin Imbalance Be Wreaking Havoc On Your Psyche?

High dose supplementation of B3 has successfully treated attention deficit disorder, general psychosis, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression and violent behavior....

Eat Plants and Step Away From the Abyss

Throughout history, we can identify moments that occur that can only be attributed to a paradigm shift in public opinion. They generally precede government policy...

Herbal Antibiotics: Natural Alternatives for Treating Drug-Resistant Bacteria

Bacteria are the oldest living organisms on the planet. Subject to three billion years of harsh environmental evolution, they are master adapters...

Musings: Taking Back the Power To Cure

How much of the national debt could be slashed by shifting to a natural healthcare model that educates people about how to feel better, live longer and successfully take charge of their health at home instead of in a doctor’s office?

Integrative Medicine Steers Healthcare Forward

What mainstream medicine can learn from holistic healers ...

Annie Appleseed Complementary Medicine Project

What began in 1993 as one woman’s quest to find information, answers and a cure to her breast cancer has evolved into the Annie Appleseed Project...

The Acid Reflux Solution

If you've never experienced heartburn you surely know someone who has. More than 50 million Americans suffer from gastroesophageal reflux disease...

Ayurvedic Migraine Headache Advice

According to the science of Ayurveda all of creation is made up of five elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether.

Oncology Massage Gallery

The natural medicine of serenity infuses the grounds at Virginia Thurston Healing Garden in Harvard, MA. Read more »

Massage Therapy for Individuals Journeying With Cancer

Megan Belanger, LMT, knocks gently against the door and quietly enters a treatment room in Westborough, Massachusetts. The massage therapist is ready to engage.

Rosemary Gladstar's Medicinal Herbs, A Beginner's Guide

Herbal medicine is medicine of the home. It is a natural, effective, gentle and completely accessible system of healing.

Practicing Safe Yoga: Yoga Comes of Age In America

I have been blessed in this lifetime with the gift of finding excellent teachers and healing practitioners to work with.

Rosen Method Bodywork: Marion Rosen's Gift To The World

January 18th, 2012, Marion Rosen, the founder of Rosen Method bodywork passed away in her home in Berkley, California.

Overcome Chronic Disease with Three Simple Steps

As a layman I am proud, happy and relieved that I've beaten conditions that many doctors call "incurable."

In The News: Integrative Veterinary Care and Teen Massage

The Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled on March 21, 2012 to uphold the dismissal of a lawsuit by Hopkinton, MA, holistic veterinarian Margo Roman, who claimed Tufts University violated her first amendment right to free speech.

Breathing In Good Health

Ancient cultures included breathing exercises as part of their daily health routines, as do many modern alternative medicine treatments.

Breast Cancer Patients Find A Healing Garden in Harvard, MA

A diagnosis of breast cancer brings with it many fears, concerns and adjustments that will affect a woman and her family for years to come.

Beauty Pure and Simple: The Ayurvedic Approach to Beautiful Skin

Beauty Pure and Simple is truly effective skin care. Using the wisdom of Eastern medicine, Ayurvedic skin care advocates beauty (and healing) from a balanced way of living.

Winter's Holistic Medicine Chest

I've spent many winters of my life in the cold, rainy regions of northern California. There was always a wood fire burning and the soft sound of rain.

Alternative Medicine and the Treatment of Cancer

Pancreatic cancer is one of the faster spreading cancers; only about 4 percent of patients can expect to survive five years after their diagnosis.

Breast Cancer Prevention Tips

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time when much attention is focused on the rising incidence of breast cancer and the benefits of screening and early detection of this condition.

EarthTalk: Is Fluoridated Water Safe?

The debate over whether we should add fluoride to public drinking water has raged since the 1940s when American cities...

Whitewash: The Disturbring Truth About Cow’s Milk and Your Health

Whitewash is nutritionist and wellness expert Joseph Keon's response to the destructive myth that people need to consume cow's milk to be healthy.

Down There: Sexual and Reproductive Health the Wise Woman Way

Deep-rooted in the oldest healing tradition, Wise Woman herbalist Susan Weed is candid and insightful.

Healthy Brains Make Happy People

As a holistic nutrition consultant, I see many who are suffering from headaches, migraines, forgetfulness and depression.

How Love Heals

It's the heart that holds the keys to unlocking natural medicine.

The Role of a Holistic Healer

The role of the healer in alternative medicine is to facilitate rather than direct the healing process.

The Invisible Pollutants: Electricity and Magnetism

With electromagnetic pollution on the rise, applying these commonsense, natural living guidelines can help decrease your EMR exposure.

EMF Overload: Tempest of the 21st Century

New information links exposure to excessive electromagnetic frequencies from cell phone, computers and signal towers with disturbances in our own human energy field.
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Daily Astrology

January 22, 2018

An hour before dawn the waxing Aries Moon aligns with the Aquarius Sun to give early birds liftoff. Progress could be briefly interrupted when a lunar square with Saturn soon follows. Expect delays during the morning commute. A secondary route could be…
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Alternative Health Directory

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January 2018

Note: Tickets must be purchased here: http://bit.ly/2j2U7C4 Do you desire more emotional and physical connection? Does fear of being rejected or looking foolish hold you back from initiating...

Cost: $127/person; $247/couple

Watertown Center for Healing Arts
22 Mount Auburn St
Watertown, MA  02472
View map »

Sponsor: Conscious Intimacy
Contact Name: Brynn Bishop
Website »

More information

A 3-week Course Taught by Melissa Fountain, CSYT Sundays: 10:30am–12:15pm January 21, 28 and Feb 11 Meditation is a sacred gift you give yourself, and brings new vitality and focus...

Cost: Early Bird Pricing (until Jan 20): $140 for all 3 sessions ($155 after Jan 20)

Sohum Yoga and Meditation Studio
40 Lyman Street, Suite 108B
Westborough Shopping Center
Westborough, MA  01581
View map »

Sponsor: www.SOHUM.org
Telephone: 508-329-3338
Contact Name: Ritu Kapur
Website »

More information

Are you curious about yoga but don't know where to begin? The Intro to Yoga Series is a great place to start your practice. This series will provide a safe, non-competitive and welcoming...

Cost: $90 for series

YogaLife Institute
6 Chestnut St, Suite A
Exeter, NH  03833
View map »

Telephone: 603-969-8968
Website »

More information

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Qigong and tai chi are 2500+ year old healing arts originating in China. These moving meditations offer unique health benefits that western medicine is...

Cost: $11-$15 per class

Chelmsford Wellness Center
3 Littleton Road, 2nd Floor
Westford, MA  01886
View map »

Sponsor: Cultivating Qi
Telephone: 978-856-8118
Contact Name: Dave Crocker
Website »

More information

January 8 - February 12, 2018 Intuition + Energy Medicine + Energy Psychology = The REAP Healing Method This 6 week certification training course provides you with the understanding and the...

Cost: $695

Live Online
Comfort of Your Home
, MA
View map »

Sponsor: The REAP Healing Method
Telephone: 978-877-8651
Contact Name: Pamela Dussault
Website »

More information

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3 Hour Introduction Diet and exercise play a role in managing your weight, but; that isn’t the whole story.   80% of dieters weigh the same or more within three months of starting...

Cost: $49

The Center for Resilient Living Clearly Coworking
474 Grove St.
Worcester, MA  01605
View map »

Sponsor: The Center for Resilient Living and Adventure Boot Camp
Telephone: 508-963-4786
Contact Name: Ginny Wholley
Website »

More information

Experience the power of singing gospel music with more than 250 others as part of the Mystic Chorale, led by award-winning director and composer, Jonathan Singleton. Join Mystic as we prepare...

Cost: $105

First Parish Unitarian
630 Mass Ave.
Arlington , MA
View map »

Sponsor: The Mystic Chorale
Telephone: 781-738-1920
Contact Name: Jai Kaur Annamaria
Website »

More information

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No Events

Qigong and tai chi are 2500+ year old healing arts originating in China. These moving meditations offer unique health benefits that western medicine is integrating into treatment plans. By...

Cost: $12-$17 per class

Dragonfly Wellness Ceneter
176 Jackson Road
Devens, MA  01434
View map »

Sponsor: Cultivating Qi
Telephone: 978-856-8118
Contact Name: Dave Crocker
Website »

More information

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January 26 - 28, 2017 Journey to the heart, a shamanic sound healing training level 1 Join David Kuhn shamanic sound healer for a transformational weekend. David will share the basics of...

Cost: $222

31 Hawleyville Road
Newtown, VT  06479
View map »

Sponsor: David Kuhn
Telephone: 802-579-5771
Contact Name: David Kuhn
Website »

More information

6 Week Series with Sherri Snyder-Roche Start your year with greater awareness. In Kundalini Yoga, we harness the mental, physical, and nervous energies of the body and put them under the...

Cost: $90

State of Grace Yoga and Wellness Center
104 East Hartford Ave.
Uxbridge, MA  01569
View map »

Telephone: 508-278-2818
Website »

More information

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With Rev. Rita Berkowitz Are you ready to become a professional medium and meet the criteria that would be required of you, ethically and practically? Are you ready to work with the public and...

Cost: $600 (Early Bird $550)

Women of Wisdom
118 Washington Street
North Easton, MA  02356
View map »

Sponsor: Women of Wisdom
Telephone: 508-230-3680
Contact Name: Women of Wisdom
Website »

More information

All are invited to the 2nd annual Lincoln, MA Holistic Wellness Fair on January 27. We are also seeking holistic practitioners from the locales of Lincoln, MA and surrounding towns, to participate...

Cost: Free

Bemis Hall
15 Bedford Rd
Lincoln, MA  01773
View map »

Sponsor: Lincoln Recreation
Telephone: 781-738-1920
Contact Name: Jai Kaur Annamaria

More information

Dates: Saturday, January 27 and Saturday, February 3. This two-day class is for those want to go deeper into their personal healing journey with the system of Reiki and who want to strengthen...

Cost: $275

Bancroft Doggone U
333 Shrewsbury Street
Worcester, MA  01604
View map »

Sponsor: Bancroft Doggone U
Telephone: 508-753-9757
Contact Name: Lisa Ruthig
Website »

More information

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