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Alternative Medicine

Oncology Massage Gallery

The natural medicine of serenity infuses the grounds at Virginia Thurston Healing Garden in Harvard, MA. Read more »

Massage Therapy for Individuals Journeying With Cancer

Megan Belanger, LMT, knocks gently against the door and quietly enters a treatment room in Westborough, Massachusetts. The massage therapist is ready to engage.

Rosemary Gladstar's Medicinal Herbs, A Beginner's Guide

Herbal medicine is medicine of the home. It is a natural, effective, gentle and completely accessible system of healing.

Practicing Safe Yoga: Yoga Comes of Age In America

I have been blessed in this lifetime with the gift of finding excellent teachers and healing practitioners to work with.

Rosen Method Bodywork: Marion Rosen's Gift To The World

January 18th, 2012, Marion Rosen, the founder of Rosen Method bodywork passed away in her home in Berkley, California.

Overcome Chronic Disease with Three Simple Steps

As a layman I am proud, happy and relieved that I've beaten conditions that many doctors call "incurable."

In The News: Integrative Veterinary Care and Teen Massage

The Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled on March 21, 2012 to uphold the dismissal of a lawsuit by Hopkinton, MA, holistic veterinarian Margo Roman, who claimed Tufts University violated her first amendment right to free speech.

Breathing In Good Health

Ancient cultures included breathing exercises as part of their daily health routines, as do many modern alternative medicine treatments.

Breast Cancer Patients Find A Healing Garden in Harvard, MA

A diagnosis of breast cancer brings with it many fears, concerns and adjustments that will affect a woman and her family for years to come.

Beauty Pure and Simple: The Ayurvedic Approach to Beautiful Skin

Beauty Pure and Simple is truly effective skin care. Using the wisdom of Eastern medicine, Ayurvedic skin care advocates beauty (and healing) from a balanced way of living.

Winter's Holistic Medicine Chest

I've spent many winters of my life in the cold, rainy regions of northern California. There was always a wood fire burning and the soft sound of rain.

Alternative Medicine and the Treatment of Cancer

Pancreatic cancer is one of the faster spreading cancers; only about 4 percent of patients can expect to survive five years after their diagnosis.

Breast Cancer Prevention Tips

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time when much attention is focused on the rising incidence of breast cancer and the benefits of screening and early detection of this condition.

EarthTalk: Is Fluoridated Water Safe?

The debate over whether we should add fluoride to public drinking water has raged since the 1940s when American cities...

Whitewash: The Disturbring Truth About Cow’s Milk and Your Health

Whitewash is nutritionist and wellness expert Joseph Keon's response to the destructive myth that people need to consume cow's milk to be healthy.

Down There: Sexual and Reproductive Health the Wise Woman Way

Deep-rooted in the oldest healing tradition, Wise Woman herbalist Susan Weed is candid and insightful.

Healthy Brains Make Happy People

As a holistic nutrition consultant, I see many who are suffering from headaches, migraines, forgetfulness and depression.

How Love Heals

It's the heart that holds the keys to unlocking natural medicine.

The Role of a Holistic Healer

The role of the healer in alternative medicine is to facilitate rather than direct the healing process.

The Invisible Pollutants: Electricity and Magnetism

With electromagnetic pollution on the rise, applying these commonsense, natural living guidelines can help decrease your EMR exposure.

EMF Overload: Tempest of the 21st Century

New information links exposure to excessive electromagnetic frequencies from cell phone, computers and signal towers with disturbances in our own human energy field.

Doctors Are More Harmful Than Germs

The Hippocratic Oath's "Do no harm" is in direct conflict with modern medicine (which is not about healing but rather about trying to create the absence of disease).

Ask the Acupuncturist

For over two thousand years, acupuncture has successfully treated everything from cancer to mental illness to infertility to chronic pain in patients both from the east and west.

A Simple Breathing Rejuvenator

Try this simple, deep breathing technique for bringing a breath of fresh air and natural healing into your life.

Breast Cancer Screening Without Radiation

Mammogram use is decreasing because repeatedly exposing women to even small amounts of radiation is known to cause breast cancer, as well as detect it. Studies show that this non-invasive alternative form of screening...

Your Bones: How You Can Prevent Osteoporosis and Have Strong Bones for Life —Naturally

Lara Pizzorno emphatically raises the red flag on conventional bone medicine.

Wild Feminine: Finding Power, Spirit and Joy in the Female Body

A woman's most powerful and creative energy comes from her root.

The Hara: Center of Being

Learning to open and close the hara protects highly sensitive empathic people.

Good News For Your Eyesight

When I first studied yoga I wore glasses all the time. I was twenty-four and had been wearing them since I was thirteen...

Energy Medicine: Keeping Your Energies Humming

Try these simple and quick energy medicine pick-me-ups throughout the day to de-stress, rejuvenate and just plain feel good!

Miracle Power of Touch

Australian mother Kate Ogg was told her newborn, premature son Jamie had died after efforts to resuscitate him failed shortly after his birth.

Dissolving Pain

A leader in brainwave biofeedback, Dr. Les Fehmi believes in the power of the brain. In Dissolving Pain he explains how to regulate and balance brainwave patterns to overcome pain.

Radical Healing

As politicians posture over how to best "revamp" our current healthcare-in-crisis system, truly transformative healing modalities are being completely ignored.

Wake Up Your Immune System

As I learn more about how the body works, I’m reminded of the miracle of this creation. Scientists can produce life in the laboratory, but not without the genome from living tissue.

You’ve Got the Power

I was recently in my old hometown of Boston and picked up Spirit of Change and was reading through it at breakfast one morning. Excellent informative, provocative, and holistically minded articles, great colors, and interesting advertisements.

St. Patrick Offers Breast Cancer Insight

Linda's wonderful and informative article on breast cancer in this issue of SOC [“Breast Health 101: What’s Best for the Breast” by Linda Marks] reminded me of a channeling session I had last year with my spirit guide, St. Patrick.

Essential Shiatsu

Shiatsu (shi-fingers, atsu-pressure) is the Japanese art of finger pressure massage that primarily works with the Principal Meridians, the basic channels through which energy flows.

Using Conventional and Energy Medicine Together

My daughter Tanya began feeling pain in the area over her ovaries when she was in her mid-thirties, and the early stages of fibroid growth were detected.

Heal Your Nature Deficiency

Do you suffer from a "nature deficiency?" If you’re like most people in modern society, you spend most of your 24 hours of the day indoors.

Managing PMS with Energy Medicine

When the miseries of PMS occur, keep life as calm as possible and be ready to use your energies to help ease uncomfortable symptoms away.

Self-care and Healthy Living on a Budget

As an elder living self-sufficiently, sensibly and sustainably, my approach to health care is self-care...

Musings: What If The Brain Is The Only Healer We Really Need?

A friend emailed a cartoon illustrating the inconvenient side of practicing self-healing. A man and a woman are sitting on a couch talking to each other at a party.

What Is EMDR?

Visit the new Spirit of Change online alternative health directory to find the answer to this question and more

Snoring Solutions

You may have heard someone in your household snoring, the most common symptom attributed to sleep apnea.

Treating Depression with Holistic Medicine

As so many of us know, depression can feel like a huge weight to carry, and it can be really hard to get through the day.

Acupuncturists Without Borders

Emotional trauma is very common among soldiers and medical staff returning from war and can be just as painful as physical trauma. Many veterans from past wars still experience flashbacks, nightmares, anxiety and depression even decades after their war is over.

Your Unlimited Healing Potential

When you scrape your elbow, a bit of blood oozes out to clean the wound and wash away bacteria. It then forms a protective scab that keeps out invading microorganisms while your skin has a chance to heal underneath.

Breast Health 101

In early January, I went in for a routine mammogram. My annual physical was at the end of November and I was deemed to be in good health, including the annual manual breast exam by my doctor.

Ayurvedic Restoration

Ayurveda is one of the oldest known systems of medicine in the world. Practices that predate written records, handed down by word of mouth, are believed to have originated in the second millennium BC.

A Closer Look at Yoga

A Closer Look at Yoga: A Guide for Everyday Practice is a thoughtful and encouraging companion offering both novice and longtime practitioners a deeper self awareness through yoga.
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Daily Astrology

December 18, 2018

A lunar conjunction with Uranus occurs during the wee hours of the morning. Uranus, the eccentric planet of epiphanies and technological breakthroughs, has been called the “Great Awakener.” For some folks this can mean a sleepless night. Awake or maybe…
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Alternative Health Directory

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December 2018

Start your holiday week off right with a special yoga/meditation class. Sun salutations in honor of the winter solstice coupled with Yoga Nidra will leave you feeling rested, relaxed, and ready to...

Cost: $17

Yoga Anita
Dragonfly Wellness Center
176 Jackson Rd
Devens, MA  01432
View map »

Sponsor: Yoga Anita
Telephone: 978-227-8297
Contact Name: Anita Perry
Website »

More information

The holiday season is a time for family and friends to gather, to give gratitude for the gifts of love that we share, and for us to create new memories to cherish in our hearts. But the holidays...

Cost: $65

Private Office
6 Royal Crest Drive
Apt 11
North Andover, MA  01845
View map »

Sponsor: Sacred Spiral Dance
Telephone: 978-973-6637
Contact Name: Diana Harris
Website »

More information

Kinetic Chain Release, moxibustion and past life regression at Leapin Lizards. Every third Sunday: 9/16/18 10/21/18 11/18/18 12/16/18 For information, call Leapin Lizards at (207)...

Leapin Lizards
449 Forest Ave
Portland, ME
View map »

Telephone: (207) 221-2363
Website »

More information

This three-part series attunes you as a conduit to the healing system of Kundalini Reiki, a firey earth-based feminine energy. Kundalini Reiki is a gentle yet powerful modality to channel healing...

Cost: $150

Akasha Studio
20 Birch Street
Roslindale, MA  02131
View map »

Sponsor: Miriam Katz, Shamanic Healer
Telephone: 617-545-5142
Contact Name: Miriam Katz
Website »

More information

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No Events
No Events

The class is a combination of qi gong, yoga, meditation, and relaxation followed by a cup of healing tea. The class, developed by Korean enlightened master Ilchi Lee, is based on Sundo, a...

Cost: $10

Divine Paradigm
58b Macy St
Amesbury, MA  01913
View map »

Contact Name: Brad Fanger

More information

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The Shortest Day of the Year and the Longest Night To Be Without A Home On December 21, 2018 at 12:00 PM, at the Church on the Hill, 140 Bowdoin St. Boston MA  02108 (on the side of the...

Church on the Hill
140 Bowdoin St.
Boston, MA  02108
View map »

Sponsor: Interfaith Homeless Memorial Committee
Telephone: 617-523-4575
Contact Name: Kevin Baxter

More information

During this evening Winter Solstice Celebration we connect deeply with the Christ Being/Solar Logos and the different archangels as we prepare for the 12 holy nights following the Solstice evening....

Cost: $75

Circles of Wisdom
386 Merrimack Street
Suite 1-A
Methuen, MA  01844
View map »

Sponsor: Circles of Wisdom
Telephone: 978-474-8010
Contact Name: Cathy Kneeland
Website »

More information

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Tired of missing opportunities that could further your life, your education, even your work? Tired of missing threats that continue to hold back your life, your education, even your work? Sit down...

Cost: $40

Caffe Nero
368 Congress St
Boston, MA  02210
View map »

Contact Name: Soni
Website »

More information

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