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Green Living

To Avoid Humans, More Wildlife Now Work The Night Shift

For their first 100 million years on planet Earth, our mammal ancestors relied on the cover of darkness to escape their dinosaur predators and competitors.

A Quick Guide To Summer Lawn Care

Each lawn has different needs, but there are several key considerations you should make when planning your landscaping tasks.

What Fossil Fuels And Factory Farms Have In Common

In 2008, Cabot Oil and Gas started fracking operations in Dimock, Pennsylvania. It was around that time the community started noticing their water was turning brown and making people and animals sick.

Paris Is Building The Eco-Community Of The Future Right Now. Here’s How.

The Clichy-Batignolles eco-district aims to set a new standard in sustainable urban design.

Would Rachel Carson Eat Organic?

Rachel Carson was a highly private person. But on one occasion she allowed an interviewer to ask, “What do you eat?” Her sardonic answer: “Chlorinated hydrocarbons like everyone else.”

EarthTalk: Fertility Techniques And Endangered Wildlife Species

Dear EarthTalk: Can fertility techniques pioneered for humans or other animals be used to try to bring back endangered wildlife species?

How Artists And Neighbors Turned A Bomb Site Into A Medicine Garden

Amid a housing crisis, a London neighborhood found a way to protect a parcel of rewilded land—then transform it into something better.

How A Northborough Business Successfully Switched To Solar

Sun salutations just deepened their meaning at Ebb n’ Flow Yoga in Northborough, MA. Beginning in May, two 60-foot long racks of solar panels now power the yoga studio.

Your Shampoo, Hair Spray And Skin Lotion May Be Polluting The Air

Millions of Americans apply personal care products every morning before heading to work or school. But these products don’t stick to our bodies permanently.

Are Public Objections To Wind Farms Overblown?

While most surveys suggest that the public generally supports wind and solar power, opposition from local communities and residents sometimes blocks or delays specific new projects.

7 Things You Can Do To Create A Plastic-Free Future

We’re celebrating a huge moment in the global movement for a plastic-free future: More than one million people around the world have called on big corporations to do their part to end single-use plastics.

Tips For Reducing Traffic Noise Pollution Around Your Home

Unless you live in a sleepy rural community, you know the noise of highways and city streets well. Some can get used to the noise of sirens and trucks blaring by at 2AM, but for many, inadequate sleep remains an issue.

Global Warming May Poison Monarch Butterflies, Study Finds

Monarch butterflies depend on milkweed and its poisonous compounds that are deadly to most other insects. But a new study finds global warming may be making the very plant monarch butterflies need to survive too toxic even for them.

What Will We Do With All Those Solar Panels When Their Useful Life Is Over?

As solar power booms, businesses are exploring ways to ensure valuable components don’t end up in landfills.

In Search Of Safe Replacements For Harmful Chemicals Used In Cookware, Carpets, Clothing, Cosmetics And More

After ditching two notoriously toxic compounds, manufacturers subbed in other versions of their chemical class. But are they any better?

How To Get More Out Of Your Kitchen Stash And Minimize Your Trash

Learn to trust yourself more and worry less about the date labels on your food.

Silver Nanoparticles In Clothing Wash Out – And May Threaten Human Health And The Environment

Humans have known since ancient times that silver kills or stops the growth of many microorganisms. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, is said to have used silver preparations for treating ulcers and healing wounds.

More Than 25 Percent Of People Reacting To Products With Fragrance

Fragrance sales, largely composed of man-made chemicals are a $10 billion dollar a year industry. Fragrance can be made of thousands of compounds, most of which are synthetic, and many proven to harm human health.

‘The Dirt Cure:’ Why Human Health Depends On Soil Health

Our connection to nature is sacred, dating back to the beginning of our existence. It’s no wonder then that our health is intimately intertwined with the Earth.

New Life For Toxic Land

Across the U.S., Superfund sites are being repurposed as recreational areas, renewable energy facilities and more. Many offer lessons for the future.

It’s Taken Thousands Of Years, But Western Science Is Finally Catching Up To Traditional Knowledge

Our knowledge of what the denizens of the animal kingdom are up to, especially when humans aren’t around, has steadily increased over the last 50 years.

Want Sustainable Clothing? It’s Time To Meet Regenerative Fiber

Let’s bring the textile industry—and fashion—home.

Melting The Ice In The Human Heart

We can’t undo what we’ve done to the planet, but perhaps we can ask its forgiveness.

Twenty-One Questions Answered About Going Solar

Solar power pioneer John Boiano invites you to join a peaceful revolution by taking the mystery out of going solar.

Here’s A Way You Probably Haven’t Thought Of To Reduce Allergies And Asthma

Our penchant for highly allergenic trees and shrubs is wreaking havoc with our health.

First U.S. City To Ban Fossil Fuel Expansion Offers Roadmap For Others

Portland, Ore., climate activists celebrate a win against Big Oil as city- and state-level initiatives gain momentum across the country.

The Biggest Problem With E-waste? What We Don’t Know.

When your phone stops working or you trade up for a newer model, where does it go? Like any electronic device — from laptops to lamps, washing machines to flat screen TVs — it doesn’t just disappear.

Iowans Lead The Charge Against Factory Farming

A sweeping proposal for a moratorium on factory farms is happening in Iowa.

Bees Are In Danger. You Can Help.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is considering allowing bee-killing pesticides to be sprayed on 165 million acres of previously protected American farmland. We need to do everything in our power to save the bees.

Earth To Ford: Get Back On Track With Clean Cars

While Ford largely supported stronger fuel efficiency and emissions standards enacted during the Obama administration, it has taken a different approach since the election of Donald Trump.
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Daily Astrology

June 24, 2018

Attending Sunday services, a family get together or meet up with like-minded friends can brighten the morning hours. Taking a drive is another good option. By late morning the waxing Scorpio Moon is void of course. Life slows, which is just fine for…
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Alternative Health Directory

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June 2018

The largest event of its kind in Western Mass. Bringing together practitioners, providers, merchandisers, all metaphysical, spiritual, holistic and new age offerings. Readers, healing modalities,...

Cost: $5

Storrowton Carriage House and grounds
1305 Memorial Dr.
West Springfield, MA  01089
View map »

Telephone: 413-732-9700
Contact Name: Dianna Robinson

More information

Do you desire more connection and intimacy? This experiential workshop is the missing link to consensual dating and conscious relationships. Whether you are single or come with your partner, you...

Cost: $147/person

Watertown Center for Healing Arts
22 Mount Auburn Street
Watertown, MA  02472
View map »

Sponsor: Conscious Intimacy
Contact Name: Brynn Bishop
Website »

More information

Strawberry Moon - Healing herbs for women's health Part II Herbs for common imbalances. Please email rjrcnm@gmail.com if interested. Attendees will receive address upon enrollment. ...

Cost: Drop in Fee $10 includes all materials and handouts.

Jefferson, MA

Sponsor: Hillside Herbals
Telephone: 508-847-8615
Contact Name: Rachel Ross
Website »

More information

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No Events

What better way to end a busy day than with a little bliss. We'll support your body right where it is today and help you to open your spine to find more movement and flexibility. Begin and end...

Cost: $18

Body Love Wellness Center
484 Bedford St
East Bridgewater, MA  02333
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Sponsor: Bliss Through Yoga
Telephone: 508-331-3564
Contact Name: Janice
Website »

More information

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No Events

June 28 - July 1, 2018 Flying Phoenix Qigong II is an intensive workshop-retreat that teaches Flying Phoenix Heavenly Healing Chi (Fei Feng San Gung), a rare and...

Cost: Please see our website

Eastover Estate & Retreat Center
430 East St.
Lenox, MA  01240
View map »

Telephone: 866-264-5139
Contact Name: Yingxing Wang
Website »

More information

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Material medica, proper usage and preparation for medicinal purposes. An exploration of pain pathways and how to interrupt them.

Boston School of Herbal Studies
Arlington, MA

Telephone: 781-646-6319
Website »

More information

June 30 - July 5, 2018 Plant Spirit Medicine as Spiritual Exploration and Discovery This course is for those who wish to explore the natural world and discover themselves. You may be a...

Margaretville, NY

Telephone: 845-586-3225
Website »

More information

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