Conscious Touch Lab Daylong: A New Paradigm Of Relating


January 21, 2018
10:30 AM until 06:00 PM


Note: Tickets must be purchased here:

Do you desire more emotional and physical connection?

Does fear of being rejected or looking foolish hold you back from initiating connection?

Are you afraid of losing yourself in relationship or feeling obligated and confined?

Do you put others first and then feel resentful that your needs aren’t being met?

This workshop provides the missing piece in developing conscious dating and relationship skills.

CTL is for you if you are:

  • Partnered and want to deepen your connection and enliven the intimacy in your relationship
  • Single and want to increase your confidence and connect with other conscious singles

Super charge your ability to connect!

Discover a New Paradigm of Relating in which you do not need to sacrifice yourself to get your needs met in connection. Learn concrete tools to skillfully communicate your boundaries, needs & desires with more ease & greater results. Practice 7 Modalities of Touch - Expand your erotic repertoire!

Gain the safety, structure and support to practice authentic communication around setting limits and asking for what you want in real time while giving and receiving nourishing, non-sexual touch.

“I felt so safe. Unbelievably safe! Brynn, you have truly done a wonderful job in creating a culture and space that fosters love and care for everyone. I felt so supported by the friendly strangers around me.”

Breakthrough to greater connection within a supportive community:

  • Feel safe, connected, confident, empowered and liberated
  • Receive the nourishing, non-sexual touch you want (and none that you don’t!)
  • Discover new ways of experiencing pleasure while giving & receiving
  • Uncover a deeper understanding of yourself, your desires & your needs
  • Communicate your boundaries, preferences & desires with more ease & greater results
  • Get deeply nourished: body, heart and soul
  • Connect with other conscious singles and couples interested in authentic connection and fulfilling intimacy

“At your first Conscious Touch class, I was able to meet someone and that relationship has bloomed into something I never thought possible. I think because you set the stage for us to practice things like communication, consent, and honoring each others’ yes and no, that opened the door for us to have a truly meaningful relationship. Thank you so much!” —Laura

“It was one of the best meetups I ever attended. The atmosphere safe, open and inviting. It was a wonderful, supportive environment to take the next step to opening up to connection with others and to myself.” —Meg

Expand your erotic repertoire

You will be led through a consensual, sensual, non-sexual exploration of 7 Modalities of Touch to expand your touch repertoire. You may be surprised to discover new avenues to pleasure you may not have expected!

“You made us all feel so comfortable throughout entire workshop with encouraging and clear instructions. The sequencing worked great: the way you had us do some meet and greets which fostered comfortability and vulnerability, which made segueing into the touching very safe and natural.” —Susan

Imagine what it would be like if…

There was a safe place you could receive nurturing touch which wasn't going to lead to sex.

You didn't have to worry about performance or doing it right.

You were accepted and honored, just as you are.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for this experience. It truly moved me.”

What possibilities might this open for you in your being and in your life?

“The most valuable thing I got out of participating was the feeling of “wholeness” and feeling 100% stress free that lasted for days! That while there are many modalities for becoming one with ourselves, we are a species that needs connection and the “touch connection” was much more powerful and fulfilling than I could have ever imagined. Removing “sex” from the picture truly is a powerful component of the lab!” —Dianne

A new paradigm of relating

This is a game-changer. We are creating a new culture, a new paradigm of relating. Rather than politeness, awkwardness and compromising ourselves, we collectively support each other in being real and getting our actual needs for connection met.

“I have already been able to apply what I have learned in my relationships with close friends. It has made me feel closer to those friends. When I utilize what I've learned, I feel excitement in my heart, and I feel free and actualized.” —Sam

“I’ve taken 3 group Labs with you, and am very drawn to your approach, which has already helped me open to more of my mind-heart-body in relation with people than I’ve ever been able to before. And the basic guiding principles has already helped me be more connected, more effective in my role as a psychotherapist.” —Micheal


Participants regularly report feeling:

  • Incredibly Safe
  • Accepted
  • Deeply Moved
  • Healed
  • Connected
  • Nourished
  • Freed and Liberated
  • Hope and Optimism
  • Less Anxiety and Fear
  • More Confident
  • Honored
  • Loved
  • Worthy
  • Calm, Relaxed, Peaceful
  • Uplifted
  • Grateful

“It was my first time attending anything like that before…and I must say it was an incredibly moving experience. I walked in with an open mind and no expectations…because I honestly didn’t know what to expect. During one of the circle exercises I found myself holding back tears due to the emotion I was feeling at the moment. What I experienced yesterday was deeply profound and moving.” —Rhonda

“I left feeling so uplifted. Everyone looked buoyant by the end, with bright eyes and smiling hearts. I don't know how Brynn does it, but she's able to create a reverential and profoundly connected community in a few short hours.”

Join our Conscious Touch Community and gain support on your journey of self-discovery, empowerment, authentic connection and erotic fulfillment.

For Whom: Singles and couples interested in cultivating deeper connection and erotic fulfillment

*This Daylong is the Prerequisite for all subsequent Conscious Touch Labs

Tickets: $127/person; $247/couple

Tickets must be purchased here:

Pay by check and save online fees. Register with promo code: CHECK. Mail check made out to Brynn Bishop to 151 Mystic St #33, Arlington, MA 02474.

Tickets for singles are roughly gender balanced. Tickets are available for couples of any gender/orientation. Couples may choose to do all the exercises together.

Integration Bonuses

It takes practice, support and community to integrate a new way of relating into one's relationships and daily life.

Graduates gain access to the following:

Conscious Touch Lab True Intimacy & Advanced Consent Series: Explore Your Relationship to Desire; and Opening to Pleasure

Have you noticed that there are things you want that you are not getting? And not sure how to ask for? Especially around sex? And that there is a ceiling to how much pleasure you can allow yourself to feel?

In this series you will examine the core beliefs and habit patterns that block you from asking for what you truly want and from receiving more fully. You will gain insight into what it means to give in integrity and the profound gifs of truly receiving. Within the safety of a non-sexual context you have the opportunity to expand your capacity to experience the pleasure and connection you desire.

It is so rewarding to witness participants deepen their sense of safety, vulnerability, authenticity, intimacy and connection with each other over time. Participants support each other in moving past their fears that hold them back and stretching their edges to receive more of what they truly want.

Intermediate and Advanced Conscious Touch Labs
For those who are practiced in advanced consent and ready to push the envelope of sensuality, the Intermediate Conscious Touch Labs up the ante. Here we expand the container of the Lab to allow for erotic explorations which tantalize, tease and entice arousal and turn-on, while still maintaining the container of no nudity or explicit sexuality.

Discount on Private Sessions
Creating the intimacy you desire can be exponentially expedited by having individualized support and guidance. Graduates receive 20% off their first private session.


$127/person; $247/couple


View map Watertown Center for Healing Arts
22 Mount Auburn St
Watertown, MA

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Conscious Intimacy

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Brynn Bishop

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