Conscious Touch Lab L2: Unlock Intimacy & Pleasure Through Conscious Consent


May 20, 2018
11:30 AM until 06:30 PM


Do you desire more connection and intimacy?

  • Do you want to increase the quality of your intimacy?
  • Does fear of rejection, misinterpretation or expectations hold you back from initiating?
  • Do you find it hard to ask for what you really would like in life...and in the bedroom?
  • Is there a ceiling to how much pleasure you allow yourself to feel?

This daylong provides the missing piece in developing conscious dating and relationship skills.

CTL is for you if you are:

Single and want to increase your confidence and connect with other conscious singles in a safe, structured, sensual, non-sexual context.

Partnered and want to deepen your connection and enliven the intimacy in your relationship.

Register here:

Training In Advanced Consent

No more second guessing, risking not getting our needs met, or worse, being perceived as violating, or feeling violated.

Consent is so much more than simply asking for and receiving permission before engaging; It’s a consciously negotiated agreement which takes into account each party’s desires and boundaries.

Become equipped with the awareness, tools, and communication skills to get your needs for connection, touch and intimacy met - whether you are single or in a relationship.

Hundreds of singles and couples have enhanced their communication, connection and intimacy through participation in this program.

In this experiential daylong you will:

  • Examine the core beliefs that block you from asking for what you truly want.
  • Practice skillfully communicating your boundaries, needs and desires.
  • Give and receive the nourishing, non-sexual touch you desire (and non that you don’t).
  • Discover what allows you to open to pleasure more fully.
  • Embody the four quadrants of giving and receiving in the Wheel of Consent by Betty Martin.
  • Experience empowerment, liberation, connection and pleasure.
  • All within a safe, consensual, non-sexual framework.

What to expect:

Having established a common foundation in understanding the New Paradigm of Relating and 5 Modalities of Touch in L1, we now dive deeper into explorations in advanced consent.

We begin by creating a Field of Agreement that very quickly creates an environment of honoring of ourselves and each other. The sequencing of exercises fosters a sense of safety, authenticity, and connection among participants.

First, you are led through an inquiry process to uncover subconscious beliefs and habit patterns which are blocking you from more connection and fulfillment.

With your new awareness and tools you will experiment with opening up new levels of intimacy and pleasure while giving and receiving nourishing, sensual, non-sexual touch.

Through a series of playful experiential exercises you will practice the essential intimacy skills of asking for what you want in real time - an essential skill to receiving the nourishment you desire – and setting boundaries around what you don't want – another essential skill in creating healthy intimacy. Developing these skills over time allows you to show up more fully in your power and pleasure and forge authentic, nourishing connections.

Over the course of the day you will deepen your bonds of connection and trust with your community of support. You will begin to dislodge that which blocks you from experiencing more pleasure - on your terms. You will practice leaving expectations at the door and opening to the ever-unfolding present moment - the gateway to liberation and true intimacy.

“What an incredible event! The sequence of exercises not only broke the ice, but developed a real feeling of acceptance and trust. This, I believe, connected the whole group into safety regarding our expression of desire and created incredible feelings of intimacy and pleasure!”

“What I experienced yesterday was deeply profound and moving.” —Rhonda

Breakthrough to greater connection within a supportive community.

The Conscious Touch Labs are designed to help you:

  • Feel safe, connected, confident, empowered and liberated
  • Uncover a deeper understanding of yourself, your desires and your needs
  • Discover new ways of experiencing pleasure while giving and receiving
  • Get deeply nourished: body, heart and soul

Participants regularly report feeling:

  • Incredibly safe
  • Accepted
  • Deeply moved
  • Healed
  • Connected
  • Nourished
  • Freed and liberated
  • Hope and optimism
  • Less anxiety and fear
  • More confident
  • Honored
  • Loved
  • Worthy
  • Calm, relaxed, peaceful
  • Uplifted
  • Grateful

“I left feeling so uplifted. Everyone looked buoyant by the end, with bright eyes and smiling hearts. I don't know how Brynn does it, but she's able to create a reverential and profoundly connected community in a few short hours.” —Anne

Join our Conscious Touch Community and gain support on your journey of self-discovery, empowerment, authentic connection and erotic fulfillment.

For Whom: Singles and couples interested in cultivating deeper connection and erotic fulfillment.

Tickets: $187/person; $374/couple

Register here:

Tickets for singles are roughly gender balanced. Couple may choose to do all the exercises together. All genders, orientations and lifestyles welcome.

Integration Bonuses

It takes practice, support and community to integrate a new way of relating into one's relationships and daily life.

Graduates gain access to the following: Intimacy and Consent Pleasure Lab Practicums, Intermediate and Advanced CTLs, and the CTL Erotic Explorers' Club

These evening Labs provide the structure to continue exploring your edges around authentic communication and your relationship to pleasure within a safe, supportive, consensual, nurturing, non-sexual context.

Follow the inner compass of your pleasure within the context of consensual agreement -- giving and receiving nurturing, non-sexual touch. Explore connecting with presence, reverence and curiosity, and discover the magic that unfolds.

Deepen your sense of safety, vulnerability, authenticity, intimacy and connection with your community over time and receive support in moving past your fears and stretching your edges to receive more of what you truly want.


$187 per person


View map Watertown Center for Healing Arts
22 Mount Auburn St
Watertown, MA

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