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What Good Has The EPA Done For The Environment?

Without the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Americans would breathe dirtier air, drink more polluted water and live and grow food on contaminated soils.

Good News Headlines 3/14/17

The world's third-largest asset manager installed a bronze statue of a defiant girl in front of Wall Street's iconic charging bull statue on Tuesday morning as part of its new campaign to pressure companies to add more women to their boards.

Creative Housing Solutions To Support MCS/EHS Populations

An invisible crisis of survival is facing those suffering with functional impairment through electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), which is an adverse reaction to the microwave radiation that powers all wireless devices.

Wildlands House-Sitters And Homestead Helpers Needed

Both short-time House-Sitters and longer staying Homestead Helpers are being sought for periods of time at Plant Healer’s Anima Botanical & Wildlife Sanctuary: an incredible, isolated wilderness inholding 7 river crossings from the nearest pavement in the mountainous Gila Forest of S.W. New Mexico.

What It Takes to Change Hearts and Minds

To get someone’s support, you need more than just facts.

Edible Marijuana: What We Need To Know

As a social and behavioral scientist who studies the prevention of adolescent substance initiation and misuse, the legalization of recreational marijuana has been on my mind a lot lately.

Plant Spirit Yoga: A Conversation With Lydia Russell

The more you pay attention to plants and talk to them, the more invited they will feel to come and share their energy and teachings with you.

Spring Moving Forward At Record Rate

The northern hemisphere is experiencing a much earlier spring due to global warming, causing problems for plants and wildlife as the natural cycle goes out of sync.

20 Incredible Plants And Fungi That Boost Mood, Decrease Anxiety, Prevent Disease And Filter Your Air

These twenty plants and fungi are capable of transforming how you think, breathe and feel.

Inaugural Boston Food Tank Summit To Focus On Investing In Discovery

On April 1, 2017, Food Tank presents its first Boston Summit, “Investing in Discovery,” in collaboration with Tufts University and Oxfam America.

Good News Headlines 3/7/17

Hold onto your hats, book club fans: researchers have found that shared reading can be a useful therapy for chronic pain sufferers.

Will Cuts To Public Broadcasting Silence Native Radio Stations?

There are 60 stations licensed to tribes or tribal entities in the United States. They stand to lose a lot if Trump cuts federal funding.

How To Improve Your Failing Ability To Read Clearly As You Age, With The Help Of Sunshine

The more we learn about the influence of sunlight on human biology and health, the more its connection to eyesight makes sense.

Mediterranean Diet Reduces Inflammation Associated With Obesity

Consumption of a Mediterranean style diet is linked to improved mental and physical heath and a better quality of life.

UK Tidal Project Could Spark Global Revolution

The UK is poised to exploit tidal energy, a new renewable source that is cheaper than nuclear and more reliable than wind.

Coming Out Of The God Closet

There is a love and an intelligence that is much bigger than we are. You can call it whatever you want. You can call it God, but you don’t have to. Call it George — it doesn’t matter.

Ten Tips For Maintaining A Well-balanced Diet

Humans require food to be nourished. It’s that simple! Think of all the things you schedule in a week. Feeding yourself must be at the top of the list in order for you to accomplish all those other things well.

Healing End-Stage Lymphoma With Macrobiotics

I was a fashion designer and homemaker in New England and was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma that developed to stage IV within a few weeks.

Plantar Fasciitis Foot Pain Relief Using Integrated Positional Therapy

Five years ago I sprained my right ankle walking Scruff, the dog, the evening before my daughter’s wedding rehearsal dinner.

How To Live In Interesting Times

A message from Vywamus, a teacher of higher consciousness, January 2017

Astrological Forecast For Spring/Summer 2017

Astrological Forecast for Spring/Summer 2017

Spring/Summer 2017 Book Reviews

At first Nhat Hanh was lonely, but his suffering ended when he discovered his true home was not a particular country or a place.

Benjamin Creme, 1922-2016

Benjamin Creme inspired millions throughout the world with his message of hope about the emergence of Maitreya, the World Teacher and the Masters of Wisdom.

Spring Food Renewal

Lighten up with nutrient-dense, plant-based eating this spring.

Kick Pain To The Curb Through Detoxification

Detoxifying the body also helps release pain.

Hungry In New England

Ode to a baked potato.

The Inaction Model Of Action

Years ago I was like most people: stressed out, continually late, a full agenda with no place to park. Then, almost by accident, I discovered a basic principle of life that saved me from a nervous or physical breakdown.

Four Easy Ways To Try Out A New You

Ah, March — the finicky fickle month that can’t decide whether to mark the death of winter or herald the birth of spring.

Be A RAKtivist And Help Change Your Community

Every act of kindness can improve the lives of at least three people: the giver, the recipient, and the witness.

Empower Your Adrenal Glands To Treat Pain With Traditional Indian Healing

When you nourish and empower your adrenal glands, you treat the root cause of pain. Try these traditional Indian self-healing practices for adrenal glands.
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Daily Astrology

December 16, 2018

Venus’ sextile to Saturn blesses peacemakers, diplomats and those seeking to shore up strained ties. It also reaffirms long time partnerships and enduring values. Take note of and compliment those who unerringly do the right thing. Inherent to all solid…
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December 2018

Start your holiday week off right with a special yoga/meditation class. Sun salutations in honor of the winter solstice coupled with Yoga Nidra will leave you feeling rested, relaxed, and ready to...

Cost: $17

Yoga Anita
Dragonfly Wellness Center
176 Jackson Rd
Devens, MA  01432
View map »

Sponsor: Yoga Anita
Telephone: 978-227-8297
Contact Name: Anita Perry
Website »

More information

The holiday season is a time for family and friends to gather, to give gratitude for the gifts of love that we share, and for us to create new memories to cherish in our hearts. But the holidays...

Cost: $65

Private Office
6 Royal Crest Drive
Apt 11
North Andover, MA  01845
View map »

Sponsor: Sacred Spiral Dance
Telephone: 978-973-6637
Contact Name: Diana Harris
Website »

More information

Kinetic Chain Release, moxibustion and past life regression at Leapin Lizards. Every third Sunday: 9/16/18 10/21/18 11/18/18 12/16/18 For information, call Leapin Lizards at (207)...

Leapin Lizards
449 Forest Ave
Portland, ME
View map »

Telephone: (207) 221-2363
Website »

More information

This three-part series attunes you as a conduit to the healing system of Kundalini Reiki, a firey earth-based feminine energy. Kundalini Reiki is a gentle yet powerful modality to channel healing...

Cost: $150

Akasha Studio
20 Birch Street
Roslindale, MA  02131
View map »

Sponsor: Miriam Katz, Shamanic Healer
Telephone: 617-545-5142
Contact Name: Miriam Katz
Website »

More information

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No Events
No Events

The class is a combination of qi gong, yoga, meditation, and relaxation followed by a cup of healing tea. The class, developed by Korean enlightened master Ilchi Lee, is based on Sundo, a...

Cost: $10

Divine Paradigm
58b Macy St
Amesbury, MA  01913
View map »

Contact Name: Brad Fanger

More information

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No Events

The Shortest Day of the Year and the Longest Night To Be Without A Home On December 21, 2018 at 12:00 PM, at the Church on the Hill, 140 Bowdoin St. Boston MA  02108 (on the side of the...

Church on the Hill
140 Bowdoin St.
Boston, MA  02108
View map »

Sponsor: Interfaith Homeless Memorial Committee
Telephone: 617-523-4575
Contact Name: Kevin Baxter

More information

During this evening Winter Solstice Celebration we connect deeply with the Christ Being/Solar Logos and the different archangels as we prepare for the 12 holy nights following the Solstice evening....

Cost: $75

Circles of Wisdom
386 Merrimack Street
Suite 1-A
Methuen, MA  01844
View map »

Sponsor: Circles of Wisdom
Telephone: 978-474-8010
Contact Name: Cathy Kneeland
Website »

More information

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Tired of missing opportunities that could further your life, your education, even your work? Tired of missing threats that continue to hold back your life, your education, even your work? Sit down...

Cost: $40

Caffe Nero
368 Congress St
Boston, MA  02210
View map »

Contact Name: Soni
Website »

More information

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