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Good News Headlines 11/1/16

Every Thursday, Najib and his friends Sadiq Naqibullah and Farzad Bashir walk 30 minutes each way from their neighborhood in eastern Kabul to spend an hour learning how to skateboard.

16 Ways To Lead A Zero Waste Life

With just 111 possessions and an adventurer’s heart, Rob Greenfield is on a mission to create a “happier, healthier existence for all humans, creatures, and plants.”

Join Our Success For Mayans In Guatemala

For those who have followed the incredible success of the ACAM Maya midwife clinic in Concepcion, Guatemala that opened in 2004, a new $80,000 grant has been awarded to fund a mobile clinic.

On A Remote Homestead, The Work You Do Is Not Just A Job—It’s Your Life

Far from the 9-to-5, the work of building community can be a challenge when the cash economy is less relevant and volunteers are just passing through.

It's Time To Get Rid Of Your Lawn!

A growing number of homeowners are converting part or all of their lawns to a less thirsty form of landscape.

21 Reasons To Eat Real Food

Real food is whole, single ingredient food. It is mostly unprocessed, free of chemical additives and rich in nutrients. In essence, it’s the type of food human beings ate exclusively for thousands of years.

World's First Self-Charging, Folding Electric Bike Never Runs Out Of Juice

Electric bikes are a great way to zip around town with less pedal power…

I Was Born Into The 1 Percent—Here's Why I Gave Away My Trust Fund

For the last five decades, I have been traversing the race and class divides in our society. I can attest: The relationship status between US people and our super-wealthy is complicated.

Good News Headlines 10/25/16

A North Dakota judge refused to authorize riot charges against award-winning journalist Amy Goodman for her reporting on an attack against Native American-led anti-pipeline protesters.

Plant Diversity Naturally Repels Pests Without Pesticides Or Herbicides

A new study has unveiled why a field with a variety of plants seems to attract fewer plant-eating insects than farm land with just one type of crop.

If You Care About Your Health, Then You Should Care About Conservation

From providing lifesaving drugs to buffering humans from disease, protection of wildlife habitat is key to human well-being.

Creamy Dairy-Free Macaroni And Cheese

When it comes to healthy living and eating foods that fuel us, the bottom line is just keeping it real.

10 Tips To Green Your Halloween

Sometimes the thought of potential Halloween trash can be more frightening than Halloween itself. Here are some green Halloween tips that are sure to scare away waste without affecting your Halloween treats!

Good News Headlines 10/18/16

United Kingdom conservationists are jumping for joy over the births of two critically endangered newborn black rhinos.

Flu Vaccine Effectiveness In Question

Flu season is rapidly approaching and, with it, constant reminders to get vaccinated. This despite the fact that mounting research suggests this approach to flu prevention may be ill advised for long-term health, and doesn't actually work in the first place.

The Island That Time Forgot

The producer of The Magic and Mystery of Sable Island delves into his experiences visiting this incredibly remote and beautiful island.

Your Daily Caffeine Fix Can Ward Off Dementia

Having another senior moment? The cure may lie in a steaming mug of coffee. Daily consumption of drinks containing caffeine could help in the fight against dementia, a new study has claimed.

Celebrate National Farm To School Month This October

October is National Farm to School Month and communities across the country are celebrating the importance of farm to school programs.

Top 12 Foods That Prevent Breast Cancer

No healthy diet is fool-proof against cancer, but research suggests that more than any supplement or vitamin, getting certain nutrients through eating whole foods can help block tumors.

Don't Find Hillary Clinton ‘Likable’? Here's Why

Gallons of digital ink have been spilled trying to figure out why Clinton struggles so much with likability. But perhaps the problem isn’t with her at all. Maybe it’s with us.

Ridiculously Good Pumpkin Spice Cookies

Pumpkin spice cookies are a great way to celebrate fall!

Agroforestry Can Help Planet And Profits

Researchers say agroforestry systems offer a solution to helping combat climate change, feeding the world and increasing farmers’ profits.

Worcester School Committee Hosts First-In-Nation “Best Practices For Wireless” October 17

CeCe Doucette of Ashland, MA and Worcester resident, Leslie Saffer, will appear next week before the meeting of the Worcester School Committee’s Standing Committee on Teaching, Learning and Student Supports to address concerns/solutions related to wireless devices and their infrastructure.

Good News Headlines 10/11/16

This Romanian shelter doesn’t believe in euthanizing dogs just because they aren’t perfect – that’s why they not only take in abandoned pups, but they also give them a set of wheels as well.

MA Citizen Group Asks MA DPU Not To Extend The National Grid Smart Meter Pilot Program In Worcester

The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities has several active dockets for wireless smart electric meter deployments, despite the National Toxicology Program's recent findings that radio frequency exposure causes cancer in laboratory animals and damages DNA.

The Backwards History Of Attitudes Toward Public Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding in public is the controversy that never seems to die.

Why Bruce Springsteen’s Depression Revelation Matters

E Street lead guitarist Steve Van Zandt once said Bruce Springsteen never took drugs because he was afraid he might reprise his father’s depression. It turns out that Springsteen was suffering from mental illness all along.

7 Bees Facing Extinction Added To Endangered Species List For First Time

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) has added seven bee species to the endangered species list, a first for bees. Native to Hawaii, these yellow-faced bees are facing extinction due to habitat loss, wildfires and invasive species.

Want Great Teachers? There’s No One-Size-Fits-All Solution

It is clear we need good teachers, but just what makes for “teacher quality”? And can quality be systematically improved by public policy?

How To Raise An Environmentalist

Helping children form an emotional attachment to nature may be key to protecting our planet's future.
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Daily Astrology

December 10, 2018

Memories and experience spill over into this morning’s activities. Strength and resolve may be enhanced by an innate sense of knowing or familiarity. A reconnection with someone from the past could be a valuable contribution to a current situation…
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Alternative Health Directory

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December 2018

No Events
No Events

Join us the second Tuesday evening of the month for a Reiki Share in the Usui Reiki system of natural healing. We are a gathering of Reiki practitioners who share experiences, practice...

Cost: Free

Northeast Reiki Center
61 Nicholas Road, Suite B2
Framingham, MA  01701
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Sponsor: Northeast Reiki Center
Telephone: 508-808-5696
Contact Name: Lou Orsan
Website »

More information

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The class is a combination of qi gong, yoga, meditation, and relaxation followed by a cup of healing tea. The class, developed by Korean enlightened master Ilchi Lee, is based on Sundo, a...

Cost: $10

Divine Paradigm
58b Macy St
Amesbury, MA  01913
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Contact Name: Brad Fanger

More information

Please join us at our monthly meetings, second Wednesday each month September - June in Westboro, MA. A welcoming community working for the greater health and wellbeing of all. Contact...

Sohum Yoga and Meditation Studio
30 Lyman St
Westborough, MA
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More information

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Journaling can be a part of your inner work and is, in fact, on the tree of contemplative practices.  Whether you are a meditator or keep a journal or neither of the above, all are welcome to...

Cost: Free

Waltham Public Library
735 Main Street
Waltham, MA  02451
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Sponsor: Louise Goldstein
Telephone: 617-710-6145
Contact Name: Waltham Public Library
Website »

More information

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No Events

Sponsored by the Canton Spiritualist Church. Held at the Blue Hills, Canton, MA. Psychics, mediums, readings for a fee. Free healings.

Cost: Free admission

Blue Hills
Canton, MA

Sponsor: Canton Spiritualist Church
Telephone: (617) 469-2568

More information

Discover the power of body tapping and nature based solutions that will help you: More effectively manage and ease chronic pain issues. Clear stuck energy with body tapping. Learn the basic...

Cost: $49

Clearpoint Center
259 East Street
Stafford Springs, CT  06076
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Sponsor: Clearpoint Center
Telephone: 860-684-3994
Contact Name: Steve Munn
Website »

More information

Tired of missing opportunities that could further your life, your education, even your work? Tired of missing threats that continue to hold back your life, your education, even your work? Sit down...

Cost: $40

Caffe Nero
368 Congress St
Boston, MA  02210
View map »

Contact Name: Soni
Website »

More information

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