The Heart-Brain Of The Forest

In the last couple of decades, research conducted in the soil under trees and other plants has completely revolutionized how we think about trees. What we have learned will amaze you.

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Good News Headlines 10/2/2023

The Norwegian government has just completed the largest re-wilding project in its history. Polar bears, reindeer, Arctic fox, and many sea birds are now moving back into the Sveagruva mining town.

Good News Headlines 9/25/2023

America gets a new Civilian Climate Corps this week that will put a new generation to work conserving our lands and waters, bolstering community resilience, advancing environmental justice, deploying clean energy, implementing energy efficient technologies, and tackling climate change.

The Power Of Next

Next is possibility. Next is hope. Next is new beginnings. Next is sewn into the very fabric of forward motion. What are my next steps? What’s the next chapter for me? What’s next on the agenda?

Crystal Correspondences

Some of the major correspondences used in crystal healing today include color, chakra, elemental, planetary, and zodiacal correspondences. But by beginning with a brief geology lesson, we can explore how the science of crystals corresponds with their energy.

Good News Headlines 9/18/2023

At the start of this school year, all public schools in New York — from pre-kindergarten through grade 12 — are required to offer two to five minutes of mindful breathing every day to improve mental health. 

Pick Your Hard

It’s hard to have a long overdue conversation, and it’s hard to carry what is unresolved. It’s hard to make changes in your life, and it’s hard to not feel good. It’s hard to take the time to discover what your offer to the world is, and it’s hard to work at a job you hate. So, pick your hard.

Reflections On Law And Liberty In The US

We are a country founded on laws. And a country founded on liberty. What law would put a farmer in jail for helping someone get well? I was stunned to learn that there are laws in many states that prohibit regular people from helping to heal each other.

Why Is Haiga Rice So Good For You?

Haiga rice is growing in popularity and demand not only because of its quick-cooking time and neutral brown/white rice flavor combination, but also because it is easy to digest with high nutritional value.

Daily Astrology

October 4, 2023

Mental Mercury begins the day at the final degree of Virgo. Thanks to September’s retrograde the Winged Messenger has been in Virgo since late July. Viewpoints are about to change. The waning Gemini Moon favors...


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