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The Mobile Kitchen Changing Food Education Across The U.S.

The Charlie Cart Project is an all-in-one, hands-on learning program using a kitchen on wheels to teach both children and adults how to make healthy food choices.

10 Tips For A Sustainable Friendsgiving

While Thanksgiving gets the most attention, Friendsgiving is a wonderful way to connect with your chosen family too. Unfortunately, big feasts like this often result in a lot of food going to waste. Here are my top 10 tips for a more sustainable celebration…

The Global Seed Network Coordinates Seed Savers Worldwide

As our climate continues to change, farmers and gardeners will need access to new and different plants than they had planted in previous years.

Get This Cancer-Causing Substance Out Of Organic Meats!

When you buy certified organic processed meats (bacon, ham, salami, hot dogs, etc.) with the words “uncured” and “no nitrates” on the package, you assume you’re avoiding cancer-causing substances, right?

17 Healthy And Delicious Alternatives To Candy

If you’re craving sweets but want to stick to a balanced diet, there are plenty of treats you can indulge in instead of processed candy bars. Here are 17 healthy and delicious alternatives to candy.

11 Kitchen Hacks To Cut Down On Food Waste In The Tastiest Way

With growing awareness of how food waste affects the environment, many conscious eaters are looking for ways to reduce their impact.

Organic Food Health Benefits Have Been Hard To Assess, But That Could Change

“Organic” is more than just a passing fad. Organic food sales totaled a record US$45.2 billion in 2017, making it one of the fastest-growing segments of American agriculture.

Are Minimally Processed Foods Healthy?

Life can be confusing and so it is with food. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) nearly 70% of our food is refined, yet we are told processed food is bad — unhealthy, right?

How To Meal Plan: 23 Helpful Tips

A well-thought-out meal plan can help you improve your diet quality or reach a specific health goal while saving you time and money along the way.

7 Reasons Your Family May Want To Become Vegetarian

If you eat one less burger a week, it’s as if you’d taken your car off the road for 320 miles or line-dried your clothes half the time.

So Far Cultured Meat Has Been Burgers – The Next Big Challenge Is Animal-free Steaks

The meat you eat, if you’re a carnivore, comes from animal muscles. But animals are composed of a lot more than just muscle. It would be easier, more humane, less wasteful, to produce just the parts people want.

How To Properly Cook Rice

Still don’t know how to cook rice? It’s not too late to learn. Having knowledge on how to cook this grain may come in handy the next time you need new ideas for your meals.

Everyone Knows the Benefits of Meal-Sharing. Here’s How to Actually Do It

This organization offers a free toolkit for anyone wanting to host a family or community dinner.

The Most Cancer Suppressing Compounds Are Found In These Veggies

New research has linked a compound found in Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and other cruciferous vegetables to one of the body’s most potent tumor-suppressing genes.

The Resurgence Of Local Food Swap Events

The food swap movement that began sprouting a decade ago from Portland to Philadelphia, is once again popping up in new incarnations around the country.

Mindful Eating Could Rebuild Health For Communities Of Color

There is a health crisis in low-income communities of color caused partly by poor nutrition. What’s the solution to rebuilding the health of these communities?

How To Shift To A More Plant-Based Diet, Without The Guilt

A compassionate and shame-free approach could help encourage omnivores who are maybe not on board the vegan train to reduce their meat consumption, says bestselling author Kathy Freston.

Kale Near Top Of ‘Dirty Dozen’ Produce List

The Dirty Dozen list of produce items with the highest pesticide residues that comes out annually included kale this year — the first time in a decade that the beloved leafy green has made the list.

Tomatoes Fight Cancer And Reduce Inflammation

A new study adds to mounting evidence that lycopene in tomatoes reduces fatty liver disease, inflammation, and the development of cancer.

10 Plant Forward Cookbooks That Make Greener Eating Easier

Having a diet that is more plant forward may have environmental benefits, according to recent reports and many world-renowned chefs have taken note of the importance of plants because they add flavor and color to dinner tables.

Arsenic In Your Fruit Juice? Tests Say Yes.

Are there heavy metals lurking in your fruit juice? Yes, according to a recent analysis by Consumer Reports (CR). CR tested 45 fruit juices in four popular flavors—apple, grape, pear and fruit blends—sold in the U.S. and found “elevated levels” of arsenic, cadmium and lead.

FDA Bans Cancer-Causing Food Additives, But Won’t Enforce Until 2020

Recently banned food additives will be on grocery shelves all year. Should you panic?

Healthy Snacks For Employees: 3 Recipes Anyone Can Make

Many studies have shown that eating healthy meals and snacks actually give you more energy, make you more productive, and enhance your focus at work.

Spring Vegetables: Fast, Fresh Food For Body & Soul

Spring has finally sprung, and with it a desire to lighten up. Going with the seasonal flow means leaning toward fresh bitter greens, herbs, plant proteins and spring vegetables.

The 18 Best Healthy Foods To Buy In Bulk (And The Worst)

Buying food in large quantities, also known as bulk shopping, is an excellent way to fill your pantry and fridge while cutting down on food costs.

The Surprising Links Between Family Dinner And Good Health

Adults who prepare quality meals for children are offering something more important than a nutrition lesson.

Should Plant-Based Proteins Be Called “Meat”?

The word “meat” is becoming the center of a linguistic legal battle between purveyors of animal flesh and those selling plant-based alternatives.

Can We Meet A Growing Need For Food Without Destroying Our Environment?

The history of agriculture is best described as getting “more for more.” The more land we farmed, the more food we produced.

4 Tips For Setting Up A Windowsill Garden

Act now to ensure you have fresh supply of basil, mint and more until spring.

Mothers And Daughters And Sons And Steaks

Rachel isn’t her name. It’s the name I’ve given inmate 47973, for she was stripped of her name the minute they put her in prison, though she committed no crime.
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Daily Astrology

December 12, 2019

Minutes after midnight the “Cold” Moon is Full in Gemini. Trust may be tested, making a leap of faith a necessity. Faced with unknowns and other mysteries, there could be no other choice than to carry on as best as possible. The Moon then embarks on a…
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Alternative Health Directory

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December 2019

Come shine with us! Join us in harmony and in our goal to bring the light of Spiritualism forward to all those who are searching.

VFW Post 2597
775 Boston Rd, Rt 3A
Billerica, MA
View map »

Sponsor: The Spiritualist Fellowship Church Of New England
Website »

More information

A beautiful collection of messages from Jeshua Ben Joseph (Jesus) that will transform your life, as it did his. Coming together to study these teachings, to ponder, to savor, to deepen our...

Cost: $25 per class

Heart and Soul Holistic Healing Center
130 Massapoag Avenue
Sharon, MA  02067
View map »

Sponsor: Heart and Soul Holistic
Telephone: 781-258-9942
Contact Name: Barbara Ann Strassman
Website »

More information

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2nd and 4th Monday of every month This psychic message circle is for anyone wishing to raise their connection using their psychic centers known as the “clairs.” Learn how to use...

Cost: $20

Messages From Heaven Healing and Learning Center
646 Central Street
Suite 3
Leominster, MA
View map »

Website »

More information

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What is a vigorous yoga practice, and who can benefit from it? With Marissa McAleer and Julie Rost This workshop will explore a more physical practice of yoga and how it can be used to...

Cost: $45

YogaLife Institute of NH
6 Chestnut Street
Lower Level
Exeter, NH  03833
View map »

Sponsor: YogaLife Institute of NH
Contact Name: Alice Bentley
Website »

More information

The Wellness Roundtable Holistic Practitioners Network creates an environment for wellness practitioners to inspire, educate and support one another, while building community and encouraging...

Cost: $20 (Drop-ins are welcome)

Sohum Yoga and Meditation Studio
30 Lyman St
Westborough, MA
View map »

Sponsor: 01581
Telephone: 508-329-3338
Contact Name: Ritu Kapur
Website »

More information

How would it feel to have direct education on changing your feelings so you do start to ask for what you truly want? Each month, come and practice hands-on skills to get into the habit of...

Cost: $15

Awaken Holistic Counseling Services
2 Liberty St., Unit 2L
Newburyport, MA  01950
View map »

Sponsor: Awaken Holistic Counseling Services, LLC
Telephone: 978-255-7893
Contact Name: Kerri Morrison
Website »

More information

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The nights of December fall dark and early. Homes are filled with warm firelight and flickering candle glow. As the year draws to a close, pause under the peaceful light of December’s Full...

Cost: $10–15 suggested donation

A Touch of Magick
195 S Main Street
Uxbridge, MA
View map »

Telephone: (508) 779-7386
Website »

More information

Sound baths provide an opportunity to relax and journey into a healing, meditative and rejuvenating state. There is nothing you need to do, know or believe. Join us for a powerful, yet casual...

Cost: $25

Moth & Moon Studio
173 South River Rd
Suite #4
Bedford, NH  03110
View map »

Sponsor: Jeffrey Charles Warren
Contact Name: Jeffrey Warren
Website »

More information

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Multi-skilled, and varied holistic practitioner group in Lincoln Area / Metro-West Boston welcomes new practitioner-members. Open invitation to any local practitioner, teacher, researcher,...

Cost: Free, or $5-$15

Lincoln, MA  01773-4107

Sponsor: Lincoln Area Wellness Collaborative
Telephone: 781-738-1920
Contact Name: Jai Kaur

More information

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This is a class that will teach you how to make your own wire-wrapped gemstone pendant! Don’t be discouraged—it is simpler than you think, and you’ll have great fun in crafting...

Cost: $40 per person or $35 more than one, includes supplies

The Healing Power of Flowers — Heaven and Earth
68 Stiles Rd, Unit A
Salem, NH  03079
View map »

Sponsor: The Healing Power of Flowers - Heaven and Earth
Telephone: 603-275-7688
Contact Name: Stacey
Website »

More information

Learn to overcome spinal tensions through therapeutic postures, designed to decompress your spine and relieve pain. Taught by a certified yoga therapist, classes bring you through poses...

Cost: 5/$50

Bliss Through Yoga
484 Bedford St
East Bridgewater, MA  02333
View map »

Telephone: 508-331-3564
Contact Name: Janice O'Brien
Website »

More information

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