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Politics and Community

Featured Events: Inspired Life

Join us for three days to nourish your spirit, elevate your mindset and transform your life…

The Collective Healing That Is Owed

Reparations is no longer only about a one-time payout to Black descendants of slavery.

Good News Headline 2/11/20

Torrential rain swept across Australia’s east coast over the weekend after years of drought — putting out two of the biggest and longest-burning bushfires in the country’s populous region of New South Wales…

Good News Headlines 2/4/20

Student body presidents of the Big Ten universities are calling on their schools to divest from the fossil fuel industry…

Good News Headlines 1/28/20

Members of the Blackfeet Nation want tourists to understand how the story of Glacier National Park is really the story of their nation.

This Is Better Than an Apology

Why repair attempts are even more powerful than saying sorry.

Good News Headlines 1/21/20

Why would a vegan cheese company want to reach across the aisle to help the competition?

To Confront Effects Of Trauma, Start With Self-Care

Resilience practices and culturally rooted health traditions show promise for overcoming trauma in real-life settings.

Good News Headlines 1/14/20

The world's largest privately-owned giant sequoia grove — home to the fifth largest tree on Earth — is now safe from development.

What’s In A Family Name?

A family shapes us from the moment we are born. We learn stories, beliefs, and traditions to help shape our identity. Everyone wants to know, “Who am I?” “Where do I belong in this big world?” “Who will accept me?” “Who can I relate to?”

Good News Headlines 1/7/20

One tiny Pacific nation has begun the new year with a ban on sunscreens that contain chemicals which affect the health of coral reefs and fish…

Good News Headlines 12/31/19

Serapium Forest is the most prosperous of Egypt’s 36 tracts of land that make up an ambitious program to combat desertification by creating sustainably managed commercial forests fed entirely by wastewater…

Maine Needs Our Help In Defeating Big Pharma

If Mainers do not comply with the new vaccine law and choose to opt out of even one dose of a required vaccine, they face expulsion from all public, private, parochial and online schools (preschool through graduate school) as well as termination from employment.

Americans Bankrupted By Health Care Costs: 4 Questions Answered

Medical bankruptcy has been a talking point for many Democratic candidates as they make their individual cases for health care reform. This begs a few questions about how widespread these bankruptcies are and what causes them.

The Christmas Menorahs: How a Town Fought Hate

Hari Kirin Kaur, director of Yoga at the Ashram in Millis, MA, shared this beautiful story, which she first heard at the Unitarian Church in Worcester.

Working At The Casa del Refugiado

For most of November I worked as a short-term volunteer at the Casa del Refugiado, the House of the Refugee, located near the border in El Paso, Texas.

Good News Headlines 12/17/19

Greta Thunberg, 16, is the youngest individual to be recognized as Time Person Of The Year.

Good News Headlines 12/10/19

The story of the resurgence of the lobo mexicano (Canis lupis baileyi) begins in the late 1970s when former wolf trapper Roy T. McBride was commissioned by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service to conduct a survey of wolves in Mexico…

Taking The Shame Out Of Fat-Shaming

In time for the holidays, a perfect response for put-downs and power plays at the dinner table.

Truth And Reconciliation For Native Peoples Begins In Maine

“Dawnland” is a must-see documentary on PBS’s Independent Lens.

Good News Headlines 12/3/19

After the Parkland shooting, the CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods, Ed Stack, promised the kids to stop selling all assault rifles and high-capacity magazines.

Big Successes At The State House For Holistic Practitioners

Public hearings were held at the State House in Boston this fall for two crucial bills affecting everyone’s access to holistic health services in the state.

Good News Headlines 11/26/19

Want a free tree for your yard or neighborhood? L.A.’s Green New Deal to plant 90,000 trees in the city over the next two years is a bonus for residents…

Scientific American Warns: 5G Is Unsafe

While “blazingly fast” 5G might sound attractive to many who have grown up in the internet era, there are significant health and environmental concerns relating to 5G radiation that are not being properly addressed, which may have profound implications both in the short and long term.

Good News Headlines 11/19/2019

Each bundle of joy in the maternity ward at Magee-Womens Hospital was decked out in a hand-crocheted red sweaters in honor of Fred Rogers…

Good News Headlines 11/12/19

The city of Eureka, California, returned more than 200 acres of land to the Wiyot Tribe that both community and tribe members have worked to heal…

Good News Headlines 11/5/19

The Boston Museum Of Science adds sensory-friendly planetarium show…

The Unique Harm Of Sexual Abuse In The Black Community

As the founder of the #MeToo movement, why is Tarana Burke, a black woman, getting death threats from black men? The underlying core of these questions is: What really makes trauma traumatic?

Good News Headlines 10/29/19

If you think all hope is lost for wildlife, you’re wrong…

Racial Microaggressions Are Real. Here’s How To Navigate Them

Experts weigh in on ways to deal with microaggressions that don’t burden Black, Indigenous, and people of color who experience them daily.
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Daily Astrology

February 18, 2020

Changes continue. Before sunrise the Moon enters dutiful Capricorn, the crowded sign already hosting Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. The morning hours feel super energized, fueled first by a lunar conjunction with Mars and later, a trine to Uranus…
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Alternative Health Directory

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February 2020

Come shine with us! Join us in harmony and in our goal to bring the light of Spiritualism forward to all those who are searching.

VFW Post 2597
775 Boston Rd, Rt 3A
Billerica, MA
View map »

Sponsor: The Spiritualist Fellowship Church Of New England
Website »

More information

January 19th, February 16th, March 8th by appointment only. Kinetic Chain Release (KCR) to balance body, resolve leg length discrepancies, reduce back, shoulder, knee, hip pain and reduce stress...

Cost: $65 to $145

Leapin' Lizards
449 Forest Ave
Portland, ME  04101
View map »

Sponsor: Leapin' Lizards
Telephone: 207-221-2363
Website »

More information

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With Anna DeWitte Mondays—starts 1/27 Our next new class! Join Anna (one of our recent grads) for her mild heat class! The temperature will hover around 80 degrees which helps to loosen...

Cost: $17

State of Grace Yoga & Wellness Center
104 East Hartford Ave.
Uxbridge, MA  01569
View map »

Sponsor: State of Grace Yoga and Wellness Center
Telephone: 508-278-2818
Website »

More information

Discover Beauty. Discover Goodness. Discover Yourself. Your soul’s gifts are waiting. Breathe. Find stillness. The spark you need to ignite your life is here, within. Max Meditation...

Cost: $15

Modern Mystery School Boston
132 Charles St
3rd Floor
Auburndale, MA  02466
View map »

Sponsor: Modern Mystery School Boston
Telephone: 617-694-0994
Contact Name: Jordan Bain
Website »

More information

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Automatic & Channel Writing — Class 1 of 3 Discussion of channel writing and then spending the rest of the class practicing writing. Getting comfortable writing either with paper and...

Cost: At door $20; online reg. $15

The Healing Power of Flowers — Heaven and Earth
68 Stiles Rd, Unit A
Salem, NH  03079
View map »

Sponsor: The Healing Power of Flowers - Heaven and Earth
Telephone: 603-275-7688
Contact Name: Stacey
Website »

More information

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In celebration of Pediatric Dentistry Month and recognizing children’s oral health as a foundation for life-long health, join us for a free, fun and informational evening about how holistic...

Cost: Free

The BioMed Center New England
111 Chestnut Street
Ste 1
Providence, RI  02903
View map »

Sponsor: The BioMed Center New England
Telephone: 833-8BIOMED
Contact Name: Admin Desk
Website »

More information

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"Master your breath, let the self be in bliss, contemplate on the sublime within you.” —Krishnamacharya Join us for an evening of deep exploration and transformation using the...

Cost: $40

Friends Meeting House
5 Longfellow Park
Cambridge, MA  02138
View map »

Sponsor: Allen Howell, M.Ed. LMHC
Website »

More information

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February 22nd & 23rd Deepen your knowledge and practice of Reiki. Facilitated by Lou Orsan, Reiki Shihan (Master-Teacher) This two-day Level II Training enhances...

Cost: $250

Northeast Reiki Center
61 Nicholas Road, Suite B2
Framingham, MA  01701
View map »

Sponsor: Northeast Reiki Center
Telephone: 508-808-5696
Contact Name: Lou Orsan
Website »

More information

Get a personal teaching for Brother Granite's new Visionary Shamanism Tarot. This class includes the new Visionary Shamanism Tarot deck as well a 90 minute one on one class with Brother Granite...

Cost: $80

407 Deans Plaza
407 Rte 44
The Enchanted Forest Taunton
Raynham, MA  02767
View map »

Sponsor: Brother Granite
Telephone: 774-208-6195
Contact Name: Granite
Website »

More information

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