Author: Carol Bedrosian, Spirit of Change publisher

Mayan Midwife Center Nears Completion

In January 2001, Spirit of Change asked readers to sponsor efforts to build a midwife/health center in Concepcion, Guatemala -- home to Felipe and Elena Ixcot, currently residents of Vermont, and honored elders attending the annual Harvest Gathering each year.

The New America

As surely as renewed resentment and violence is brewing worldwide in response to the United States’ attack on Iraq, a New America is also being born out of the ashes of these recent world events.

Musings: The Power of One

Good health. To love and be loved. Inner peace. Imagine a life lived in the fullness of these three qualities and you might find yourself reflecting upon the ideal human existence.

Grandfather William Commanda Passes

I was looking over past "Musings" columns in Spirit of Change and I noticed a little trend in my writing inspired by the spiritual gathering in Maniwaki, Quebec which I attend each August.

Musings: The Land Around Us

A mild winter has been appreciated by many New Englanders this season while lamented by just as many others, no doubt! As inhabitants of the Northeast, we are blessed with a rich variety of seasonal pleasures to enjoy throughout the year, without the annual threat of fatal weather conditions to consider.