Circling for the Solstice

The sun is the source of life on Earth, and the Summer Solstice is the triumphant peak of sunlight for the entire year. The Summer Solstice is a time of the year that radiates pure resplendent life-giving energy.

At this peak in the light, there is an unwavering knowing, and we are completely absorbed in the essential source of life. It is a time to uplift and renew, when everyone is in their full creative power. During the mid-day on the Summer Solstice the light is so powerfully vibrant and bright that all shadows appear very insignificant. It is a special time in which we are more enlivened to clearly see the inherent beauty, goodness, and interconnectedness of all life.

Winter Solstice is the antithesis of the Summer Solstice, as it is the darkest time of year. It is a time when we tend to question and doubt the deep meaning of life. In the dark we tend to lose sight of the interconnectedness of all things and the intrinsic goodness of life. Yet the dark also represents infinite potential of creative imagination, and so it is the time of year when we traditionally set our intentions.

Throughout the yearly cycle, Nature is always flowing in deeply orderly ways. To be healthy and happy is to learn how to align with the flow of Nature so that the revelation of one’s divine essence occurs more and more. Therefore, in the dark time of the year we plant the seeds of good intentions to enhance life. Then, throughout the year we consistently dedicate ourselves with devotion towards our life-affirming goals. Summer Solstice represents the apex, when the intentions that we set at the dark beginning of the year come to full manifestation.

This year, we are gathering for the Summer Solstice at the Anusara Grand Circle where daylight shines for wonderfully long hours. It will be a unique, intimate gathering of hearts in a remote location away from city life, flowing with Grace in nature. During this time together out in the quiet of the green mountains of Stratton, we will journey into our inner spirit to connect with life on a much deeper level. This rare gathering will have a profound impact on each of us because of the splendor of the light, the beauty of nature, the intimacy of community on retreat, and the space for teachers to connect individually with students – it will be a potent time for a full revelation of the Heart to unfold in the brilliance of the apex of the sun’s golden light. Spending even just a few days together in this way can spark a transformation that can light one’s life anew. Certainly from our Anusara Grand Circle gathering our beings will radiate with the luminosity of the light of the Summer Solstice sun for days to come.

Anusara Grand Circle takes place June 19 – 22 at Stratton Mountain Ski Resort. To reserve a space at the gathering or find more information, please visit The torch we light in our circle will carry on to brighten hearts at Wanderlust Vermont in the days that follow.

John Friend is the founder of Anusara® yoga and is currently one of the most influential yoga teachers in the world. Renowned for his shining charisma, tremendous experiential and scholarly knowledge of philosophy and yoga, and his down-to-Earth accessibility, John sees everyone as a unique expression of the divine and inspires students to see their own divine goodness.