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Michael Young
Map6 Gulf Road
Royalston, MA 01368
  • Spiritual Counseling & Healing


Idealife Healing seeks to integrate five areas of life: physical, emotional, mental, relational and spiritual. Touch points are used to release energy blockages and to allow in one's innate ability to heal, with assistance of spiritual guidance. The result is profound relaxation and a sense of well-being. The client is fully clothed.

Who is Michael Young, M.Div, CRW
As an undergraduate pre-med student, Michael realized that not all pain was physical. A Princeton Seminary graduate in Psychology and Counseling, he became interested in the interplay between the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of human nature. Michael studied psycho-therapy for four years with Rob Sanducci, PhD of the Mind-Body Centre, Kingston, NY. Through his studies, he came to better understand how body symptoms hold messages about emotional issues. He served as an addictions counselor for seven years and a hospice chaplain for four years. Michael is ordained in the Universal Worship, a conductor of the Sufi Healing Circle and a Certified Raphaelite Worker.

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