Four 5-day Tai Chi – Qigong Intensive Workshops With Qigong Master Terry Dunn


September 25, 2019


September 25–October 29, 2019

Expert Tai Chi instructor and Qigong Master Instructor Terry Dunn will be giving a total of four five-day intensive workshops in October 2019 at Eastover Estate:  two 5-day workshops will be conducted to prepare students for his teacher Grandmaster William C.C. Chen’s week-long Tai Chi intensive October 11th – 15th;  the third and fourth five-day workshops will provide follow-up training and refinement to further establish the training given by Grandmaster Chen.  Thus Tai Chi enthusiasts—beginners and advanced players alike– will have the option to take five, ten, fifteen, twenty or twenty-five days instruction from Grandmaster Chen or Terry Dunn or both.

Besides learning the 60-posture form of Grandmaster William Chen, students who are ready will also learn the applications of the Form for self-defense, receive an introduction to Push-hands, which is the laboratory for learning the martial applications of Tai Chi, and also learn the  Yang style straight sword form. The five hours of intensive Form training each day will be balanced by and Dunn’s extraordinary lessons in evening sessions in Tao Tan Pai Nei Kung and Flying Phoenix Celestial Healing Qigong, two very different Taoist monastic systems of Qigong that he has mastered, but both of which are shaped to not just complement Tai Chi practice, but to accelerate development in Tai Chi Chuan.


Lin Gordon has been practicing insight meditation in the last eight years under the guidance of Jonathan Foust (a senior guiding teacher of the Insight Meditation Community of Washington), Mark Coleman from the Spirit Rock Meditation Center, as well as various teachers at the New York Insight Meditation Center.  In stillness and silence, she discovers the transformative power of mindfulness practices to help live a life of flow, joy, grace and gratitude.

In the last three years, Lin was particularly moved by the power of nature meditation practices to connect with a deep sense of well-being, love, resilience and connection with a larger world that we are part of.  Our human-centric worldview dissolves, and we realize we are but a small part of a greater intelligence and the universe.  She graduated from Mark Coleman’s Awake in the Wild Nature Meditation Teacher Training in 2017 and has since taught in New York Insight Meditation Center..

Besides meditation, Lin is a certified reiki practitioner and currently participating in a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training.  She is certified in wilderness first aid.  Out in the world, she has been a digital marketer for the last 17 years, and currently serve as a board member of the New York Insight Meditation Center.

She holds a BA in East Asian Studies and Political Science from Barnard College, and an MBA from NYU.

Lee Steppacher has a deep meditation practice over 25 years, and has a combination of skills and interests that draw her to offering mindfulness in nature retreats .  She gravitated to the direct simplicity of the Vipassana (or Insight meditation practice) tradition, and was fortunate to live near Insight Meditation Society where she has been going to annual retreats.  She has been a long-time practitioner of the Cambridge Insight Meditation Center community.

She recently completed a two-year “Awake in the Wild” Nature Meditation Teacher Training program with Mark Coleman from the Spirit Rock Meditation Center, and continues to be inspired and guided by Mark’s work in bringing mindfulness into nature.   Lee had a fulfilling career in environmental planning and protection with both Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Park Service, where she was responsible for resource-based watershed protection for various locations in New England.  Since retirement, Awake in the Wild has enabled Lee to bring her meditation practice and environmental knowledge together in a meaningful way.

Lee lives in Vermont and enjoys guiding people through the woods and fields nearby, sharing these practices that help one to connect more deeply with themselves and the world of which we are all a part.  Lee also maintains a massage practice where she focuses on working with the elderly, ill and dying.


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430 East Street
Lenox, MA

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