Yoga Nidra


November 10, 2019
03:30 PM until 05:00 PM


No matter how broken or damaged you may feel, there is a deep well of stillness inside of you that is always there! Connected. Whole. Unchanging and Ever present.

Yoga Nidra or Conscious Sleep is a potent form of deep relaxation and meditation that promotes profound healing. It is an ancient practice that is backed by modern science and has been used to treat PTSD, trauma, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia and countless other challenges. It is a practice that is an important link between yoga postures and meditation that enhances both. In a world where many are feeling fragmented, distracted, and disconnected, Yoga Nidra is a powerful antidote to stress.

Deep relaxation is not something nice to do if there is time, it is an essential life skill! The beauty of Yoga Nidra is that it is also one of the easiest and most comfortable forms of yoga. One only needs to lie down or sit down in a comfortable position to relax and rest the body. From there one is guided through the different layers of being. There is nothing that needs to be done and no way in which to do it incorrectly. The practice is highly restorative and rejuvenating to the body and mind and because it allows one to disidentify with thoughts and emotional patterns that typically keep us stuck.

The practice stills the waves of the mind and allows one to drop into the same brainwave state as sleep. However, unlike sleep, which only has the power to refresh the body, Yoga Nidra enables one to enter a state where the mind is naturally still. A deep and profound connection to one 's True Self can be experienced here. It enables rewiring of the brain for better mental and emotional stability and resiliency, rejuvenates the body, and ultimately allows one to feel true connection and joy! 

Additional Dates: Wednesday, November 13, 6-7:30pm and Sunday, December 8, 3:30-5:00pm


$20 each session


View map YogaLife Institute of NH
6 Chestnut Street
Lower Level
Exeter, NH

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YogaLife Institute of NH

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Alice Bentley

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