Good News Headlines 8/28/2023

Ecuador Amazon Indigenous Vote

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Ecuadorians Vote To “Keep The Oil In The Soil” In The Amazon

by Antonia Juhasz, Human Rights Watch

The people of Ecuador voted on Sunday to halt all current and future oil drilling in the heart of Yasuni National Park in the Amazon rainforest. This comes after decades of organizing led by a coalition of Indigenous peoples, youth, and activists from across the country. Voters also chose to ban all mining in the Choco Andino forest, near the country’s capital, Quito. The vote to “keep the oil in the soil” is a historic move: it means that an estimated 1.67 billion barrels of crude oil will remain in the ground, implementing a moratorium on current and future drilling in the Ishpingo, Tambococha, and Tiputini (ITT) area of Yasuni National Park.

UPS And Teamsters Agree On New Contract, Averting Costly Strike That Could Have Delayed Deliveries For Consumers And Retailers

by Jason Miller, The Conversation

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters union and UPS have agreed on a new five-year contract that boosts wages and guarantees more air conditioning in drivers’ trucks. The deal, struck on July 25, 2023, came one week before an Aug. 1 deadline that the Teamsters had set for the threatened strike – which would have been the first by UPS workers since 1997. The union announced on Aug. 22 that 86.3% of its members had voted to approve the contract, ratifying it. Teamsters General President Sean O’Brien hailed the agreement as a victory. “This contract sets a new standard in the labor movement and raises the bar for all workers,” he said.

Man Teaches Endangered Birds A New Migration Path Through The Alps To Halt Their Extinction

by Angelina C Dsouza, Upworthy

When you have a passion for something, you choose to invest time and resources into it. When we say we love nature, we most likely are talking about the trees, greenery and beauty of the various species. However, Johannes Fritz, a biologist in his late 50s is passionate about nature. He has dedicated his life to doing something that is nothing short of incredible. There have been multiple stories about his work with the Northern Bald Ibis and what he has done for them is the pure definition of ‘passion.’ Having founded the Waldrapp team, Fritz intended to save the Ibis and study them to better understand their requirements.

Here’s Why 6,000 Octopuses Like To Be Under The Sea At An ‘Octopus Garden’

by Nell Greenfieldboyce, NPR

Off the coast of California is an unusual “octopus garden” — the largest congregation of deep-sea octopuses ever discovered on Earth, where over 6,000 octopuses huddle around an extinct underwater volcano in the black, cold ocean depths, almost two miles below the surface. Most are brooding females that spend their days doing nothing but guarding nests full of eggs, a tedious task which can take nearly two years. It would take even longer if not for the warm water seeping from the seafloor that speeds up the growth of their babies, according to new research that suggests this natural incubator is why octopuses gather there in such huge numbers.

‘Their Voices Will Be Heard Now’: How A Colorado Community Preserved Affordable Housing

by Jamie Wanzek & Kirbie Bennett, Reasons to Be Cheerful

On a quiet day this spring, Alejandra Chavez walked into her office at Westside Mobile Home Park in Durango, Colorado. Residents were gathered in the community space, discussing their plans for the park’s future, some leaning on the kitchen’s baby-blue counters while others sat in plastic lawn chairs. A year ago, this building was owned by a New York corporation and was off-limits to residents. But now, residents use the space for yoga, child care and community events. That afternoon, there were piñatas in the corner, left over from a recent birthday party. Not long ago, 63 families at Westside faced the threat of displacement.