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Home Birth May Start Babies Off With Health-Promoting Microbes

Only in the last century has birth moved out of the home and into the hospital. How has that changed the types of microbes that live in and on our bodies – collectively known as the microbiome – which we know are vital to human health?

We Ignore Thousands Of Threatened Plant Species At Our Own Peril

We take plants for granted because they are all around us, but more than 20 percent of the world's known plant species are threatened with extinction. It’s time to urge our elected representatives to protect plants with a stronger Endangered Species Act.

Intimacy vs. Isolation: Why Relationships Are So Important

Intimacy is a loving relationship of any sort. It requires sharing yourself with others. It can help you develop deeply personal connections.

Featured Events: Women of Wisdom’s Schools of Wisdom

Join us for one of our free open house events where you can meet our exceptional instructors, hear presentations on each of the intensive school programs we offer and ask questions. Light refreshments will be available!

Good News Headlines 8/20/19

Communal gardens, landscaped rooftops, and wide-open windows aren't features of your typical hospital—but maybe they should be…

What’s The Scoop On Kids And Dirt?

Get enough to help, but not enough to hurt, a doctor advises.

Are Bioplastics Better For The Environment Than Conventional Plastics?

Confusion among terms like bioplastics, bio-based and biodegradable plastics makes it hard to discern — and make — the environmentally responsible choice.

Please Oppose S168, An Act Regulating Bodywork

A bill that attempts to address human trafficking by unfairly targeting holistic healthcare practitioners.

Good News Headlines 8/13/19

When Luke and his mom went to pick up Roo, she came “bounding out” of her puppy pen and jumped up at the pair on her hind legs.

How To Meal Plan: 23 Helpful Tips

A well-thought-out meal plan can help you improve your diet quality or reach a specific health goal while saving you time and money along the way.

Earthtalk: Cell Service In National Parks

Dear EarthTalk: I was appalled to find out on a recent backpacking trip to Yosemite National Park that I could get three bars of service on my cell phone. What about getting away from it all?

How Capitalism Exploits Our Fear Of Old Age

Getting older isn’t all loss and no gain—we may actually become happier and more emotionally resilient.

Words Have Weight

The more conscious we become, the more we deepen our relationship to the words we choose to use.

How The Dalai Lama Is Chosen And Why China Wants To Appoint Its Own

The 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, the spiritual leader of Tibet, is turning 84 on July 6. With his advancing age, the question of who will succeed him, has become more pressing.

Good News Headlines 8/6/19

This week, children in the U.S. and Mexico had the chance to play together— despite the barriers that exist between them—after two California professors built a set of seesaws through a border fence…

Fire Cider Goes To Court

No matter what the outcome, we’ve won simply by standing up for what we believed in, speaking our truth, and standing strong for our herbal traditions.

7 Reasons Your Family May Want To Become Vegetarian

If you eat one less burger a week, it’s as if you’d taken your car off the road for 320 miles or line-dried your clothes half the time.

6 Factors That Raise Your Risk For Flesh-Eating Disease

The very idea of flesh-eating bacteria is horrifying and the real-world effects can indeed be devastating, necessitating the removal of large portions of flesh or amputation of limbs. Its effects can also be lethal.

Creating A Backyard Paradise With Tropical Plants

Have you ever wondered how you can make your backyard look and feel like a tropical paradise? With a few simple techniques in layout, color, and plant choices, you’ll be enjoying your personal tropical paradise in no time.

So Far Cultured Meat Has Been Burgers – The Next Big Challenge Is Animal-free Steaks

The meat you eat, if you’re a carnivore, comes from animal muscles. But animals are composed of a lot more than just muscle. It would be easier, more humane, less wasteful, to produce just the parts people want.

How To Travel At Home: Finding New Routes Through Our Daily Lives

Find a new place to travel to every day. Go as far as your legs or bicycle will take you wherever you are in the world. And don’t be afraid to put away your mapping app and get lost.

How To Properly Cook Rice

Still don’t know how to cook rice? It’s not too late to learn. Having knowledge on how to cook this grain may come in handy the next time you need new ideas for your meals.

Good News Headlines 7/30/19

A lifelong Red Sox fan and longtime fixture on the Greater Boston music scene, Linda Marks reacted to the near-fatal attack as songwriters often do to work through their emotions

Bacteria Live On Our Eyeballs — And Understanding Their Role Could Help Treat Common Eye Diseases

You may be familiar with the idea that your gut and skin are home to a collection of microbes – fungi, bacteria and viruses – that are vital for keeping you healthy. But did you know that your eyes also host a unique menagerie of microbes?

New Presenters Announced For Spirit Yoga Festival

Immerse yourself in your practice, nature, and the spirit of oneness.

How The Secret Language Of Plants Can Make Agriculture More Environmentally Friendly

Freshly cut grass is a quintessential smell of summer. While the smell might conjure memories of lemonade stands and kids playing outside, it also serves another purpose.

Why Difficult Conversations Can Actually Be A Good Thing

Research suggests that structured engagement with someone who holds divergent views can be transformative, even without a concrete resolution.

Good News Headlines 7/23/19

San Francisco Bay Area residents Mary McDonald, Barbara Reusch, Alisa Foster, Harriet Tubman Wright, and Ina Clausen were all concerned about where they would be living in 10 or 20 years…

Growing Up With Animals Dramatically Reduces Asthma And Allergies

A child’s risk of developing asthma is the smaller the more the microbiota of the child’s home resembles that of a farm house.

When People Downsize To Tiny Houses, They Adopt More Environmentally Friendly Lifestyles

Interest is surging in tiny homes – livable dwelling units that typically measure under 400 square feet.
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Daily Astrology

August 25, 2019

The stars are restful as the waning Gemini Moon travels void of course for much of the day. Take a hint from Mother Nature and go with the flow. Words may carry little conviction. Thoughts and intentions can also vacillate with the randomness of a gust…
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August 2019

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No Events
No Events

Free summer outdoor yoga sponsored by Mass Development and Dragonfly Wellness Center. Every Wednesday night through August 28th!   Participants must register below and bring a signed...

Cost: Free

Rogers Field
Devens, MA  01432

Sponsor: Yoga Anita
Telephone: 978-227-8297
Website »

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August 29–September 1 After-death communication speaker and author Rebecca Austill-Clausen is helping to host this 4-day extravaganza of consciousness raising activities. Hundreds of well...

Crowne Plaza Philadelphia
260 Mall Blvd
King of Prussia, PA  19406
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Website »

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No Events

Learn to overcome spinal tensions through therapeutic postures, designed to decompress your spine and relieve pain. Taught by a certified yoga therapist, classes bring you through poses...

Cost: 5/$50

Bliss Through Yoga
484 Bedford St
East Bridgewater, MA  02333
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Telephone: 508-331-3564
Contact Name: Janice O'Brien
Website »

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