Spirit of Change - Fall 2013

Working The Law of Abundance

The law of abundance is based on Webster’s true definition of the word itself: a greater plentiful amount, a profusion, fullness to overflowing, an overflowing quantity, affluence, wealth.

Yoga Music Boom Bliss

Originating in India, yoga music and singing Sanskrit mantras have taken a new contemporary twist with western musicians and are becoming more mainstream presentations.

Brain Cross-Training

Challenging your brain by solving problems, thinking outside the box and tacking brain puzzles helps it flex and stay cognitively fit. Try the following suggestions to improve mental abilities and challenge the brain...

The Death Transition

Author Cliff Aguirre assures us, “The death procedure itself is easy...you simply glide out of your body smooth as a gentle breeze.”

Astrology Forecast for Fall 2013

The forecast period begins with a powerful September 1st trine between the Virgo Sun and Pluto in Capricorn. This fabulously practical alignment helps put lives in better working order...