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A Place of Light

Susan Gale
374 Main Street, Cherry Valley, MA 01611

Whether you are confused or disturbed by your psychic experiences or just curious about whether or not you have intuitive abilities, you can find your answers with the folks at A Place of Light.  Through online and COVID safe in person one-on-one sessions, small group work, workshops and/or retreats, you can receive coaching about your own unique connection to spirit as well as healings and readings.  We serve you no matter what your question, concern or desire to learn in regards to spiritual connections.  All ages are welcome.


Intergenerational Classes

We often have intergenerational classes and events as age is not a factor in being intuitive.


Sky Heart & Gina, Aura Session

Study of the aura is one part of our Living in Your Heart classes.

Weekly Living In Your Heart Class

Our weekly Living in Your Heart classes work with many objects from nature to read energy.

Stand With Strength
7 Strategies to Create Balanced Emotional Health

What you will be experiencing …
Module One – Knowing Who I Am: As you explore Knowing Who I Am, you gain a deep insight into what may well be causing some of these unexplained moods and how to attain your inner stillness. This will help you be more conscious of how you can remain on an even keel and get a good start on attaining an unshakeable calm.

Module Two – What to Practice: Now that you have more insight into how who you are can affect your unexplained moods we will take a look at three practices that will help you maintain your unshakeable inner calm.

Module Three – Being Love: You have worked with six concepts that have a great impact on your moods and emotional balance. Now is the time to put it all together and practice Being Love. For when you combine these practices, you find yourself naturally being a conduit of love that will allow for no unhelpful emotions to take hold and disturb your unshakeable calm.

Two Ways You Can Access This Knowledge

  • ​Virtual Group Coaching with the Videos:  Starts January 18 with room for 8 people
  • Virtual One-on-One coaching:  Starts January 18 for three individuals

To Stand With Strength click here for more information 


The Folks Who Take Care Of A Place Of Light

A Place of Light is taken care of by a group of people who work together to serve you and make all decisions by intuitive knowing and consensus.

To seek knowledge, understanding about intuition
and ​​the language of the universe’s energy click here

Category: Psychics
Quick Facts:
  • Cited in John Holland’s book, Spirit Whisperer
  • Featured in A&E’s special, Psychic Kids: Their Sixth Sense
  • Established in 2003, and have served people from ages 3 to 70+
  • Your experience with us is tailored to your needs as you are unique