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Ancestral Money Clearing

Bhavna, The Golden Light
Bhavna’s Wellness Group

Healing To The Core with Golden Light

The Bhavna’s Golden Love Light Process will profoundly activate abundance healing into all levels of your physiology, even down to the DNA. Bhavna will work on your soul codes to clear your ancestors’ energies from your abundance soul codes at a very deep level of healing for your mind, body, heart and soul.

Benefits of Ancestral Money Clearing
1. Feel happier
2. Feel more energy in your body
3. Feel clarity in your mind
4. Lessen or eliminate body pain
5. Activating your ancestral money clearing results in more money in your life

This is a series of weekly 6 sessions for $99 each or $459 for all. Register here.

Bhavna offers a variety of workshops and meditations online including Golden Light Meditation, Heal the Heart Caves Meditation, and Mt. Kalish Meditation.

She has conducted seven successful spiritual retreats that are designed in a uniquely structured way to transform your life. With the support of the ancient energies of the caves in India, she crafts her wonderful spiritual sojourns along with amazing adventure.


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Bhavna is an international speaker, best selling author, intuitive transformation coach, mentor, NLP Practitioner, MBA, Reiki Master, and soul healer. She is the creator of the Golden Light Healing modality.


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