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Jen Hudziec
117 Rice Brook Drive, Stoddard, NH 03464

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Ancestral Lineage Healing is a gentle framework that facilitates the healing of our blood ancestors.

When our ancestors are consciously tended to and cared for, we are able to more fully embody the profound gifts of our unique lineage which will support our path in life. When we enter into healthy relationships with the vibrant ones who came before us, we truly begin to know the core truths of who we are and where we came from. Feelings of disconnection or lack of belonging begin to subside as inter-generational burdens and cultural trauma receive healing. With conscious engagement of our ancestral roots we become more grounded and comfortable within ourselves as we feel the support of thousands of people who dreamed us into reality.

The methodology of ancestral healing is predicated on a few principles which are not dogmatic, but reflective in nature. The first is that consciousness continues to thrive beyond the loss of our physical bodies. Second, that this ancestral consciousness is not fixed, but rather fluid and capable of change and evolution. Third, that we are able to connect with this ancestral consciousness and develop fulfilling relationships with those in our collective.

The process of engaging our well, wise, and loving ancestors is held in within the framework of securely held ritual space. This ritual space combines body awareness, guided trance, somatic experience, consent, an offering practice, and gratitude. By making contact with our ancient ancestors within this framework, we need know nothing about our genealogy nor are we taxed with doing the heavy lifting of healing our lineage by ourselves. Rather, we enter into a place of trust and support as we allow our wise ones to weave healing along our ancestral lines.



Adobestock 225695995Spirit Work is based upon the principle of animism – a system of beliefs and values that hold that all aspects of nature (seen and unseen) are imbued with consciousness and that humans are capable of interrelating with these aspects.

The method of Spirit Work that I practice has been influenced by 25 years of experiential spiritual exploration and development. It is designed to empower you forge your own unique relationships with the spirit realm by building upon the intuitive gifts you already hold, providing tools/techniques for safe interactions, and developing a spiritual skill set that will last a lifetime.

Individuals who seek out Spirit Work may…

  • have had experiences with helping/nature/ancestral spirits, but are at a loss as to what to do with these experiences and possible next steps.
  • may feel like there is a spiritual/energetic component to what they may be currently struggling with, but have no one with whom to talk to candidly with.
  • feel an unplaced sense of longing or that they do not “belong.”
  • want tools to be able to regulate spiritual interactions with an embodied grounded presence with healthy boundaries.
  • desire a spiritual practice, but have no idea where to begin.
  • be emerging from an institutionalized religious experience and hold views of fear around working with helping guides and spirits.
The areas of focus with Spirit Work sessions includes: intuition abilities, embodiment, journeying/trancework, energy body hygiene, ritual arts, clearing, and building a sustainable spiritual practice.


Fire Walk 2021Walking and dancing across the hot coals of a sacred fire has been practiced for thousands of years. Since the dawn of time, people have known and honored the element of fire as one which transforms, purifies, and connects us to the spirit world.

Fire offers us an experience of transcendence as an element ever present during initiations and ceremony. Accessible to people from all walks of life, fire walking is a tool for personal empowerment and spiritual communion. From small private groups, to teens in need of a healthy rite of passage, or organizations looking to build more authentic relationships between its employees, fire walking has found its place in modernity.

Fire walking sounds exactly like what it is: walking across hot coals. There is a beautiful mystery in the hours that lead up to the actual walk. Building and lighting the pyre, making offerings, and becoming clear on your intentions for walking is the first layer. As this happens, the group begins to shift into a community oriented mindset. We come together to allow our vulnerabilities (and thus our strengths) to be seen in full view as we compassionately support one another by connecting to the humanness in each of us. As the fire begins to die down and the coals are spread in the form of a pathway, quiet contemplation sets in. Everyone becomes laser focused on the task ahead: making it to the other side.

Jen offers public fire walks and is available for private gatherings.

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Quick Facts:


  • is a Certified Ancestral Lineage Repair Practitioner with the Ancestral Medicine Organization
  • is an elemental ritualist and has been in the healing arts for over 25 years as a bodywork practitioner, fire walk facilitator, and teacher
  • has Slavic, Scandinavian, and Germanic roots