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Be The Medicine

Janet StraightArrow
48 Frederick Place, Morristown, NJ 07960

Janet StraightArrow is a healers healer and teachers teacher

Working with Janet StraightArrow in sessions and classes, you learn to access and activate your innate healing capabilities. Physical health improves, personal strength develops, you experience a deeper spiritual connection, and you find it becomes quite natural to make healthy choices in your everyday life. All this makes it easier to support others on their path to healing. Janet StraightArrow offers a model for this process through her groundbreaking work, “Be the Medicine.”

Zoom classes offer profound energy and learning gathering students from many locations into one room.

Prepay for 2021 classes in December and receive
$100 OFF 5-6 nights, $75  OFF 4 nights

Category: Shamanic Healing
Quick Facts:

  • Soul Shamanism Training
  • Be The Medicine Reiki Training
  • Medical Intuitive Training
  • Reiki Master Training
  • Spiritual Mentor-Guide