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Blue Feather Healing

Carolyn Pare
48 Allison Avenue, Coventry, RI 02816

Wonder about your past life experiences??
Do you have a sense that something you experienced in another life effects you in this life now??
Wonder about how you were connected in another life to someone you know now??
Want deep and lasting healing for wounds/traumas carried over from another lifetime??

All of these can be addressed…in one of my offerings….either in a group past life session…or…in an individual past life healing session.

By being guided through a hypnotherapy session, you will be assisted to retrieve awarenes from other lifetimes.

One offering includes participating in a one and half hour group regression. Where you will be guided to another time to get an awareness of who you were and what you experienced in another life. This is a brief review of this other time. Cost is $77 per person for this group experience.

The second offering is an individual session which will allow the participant to go much deeper into the past life experience and do extensive healing of trauma or wounds that happened there which may be affecting the current lifetime. Cost of this service is $275 for a two hour session


Category: Past Life Healing