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Breath Awakening

Tara Nieves Green
Middleboro, MA 02346


Proper breathing creates the freedom and inspiration
to live a most authentic, fulfilled and joyous life.
“All healing begins with the breath.”

If you are a wellness practitioner, coach, healer, bodyworker or have a deep calling to do this work, I invite you to take the first step in becoming a Certified Breath Awakening™ Practitioner. Adding this powerful modality to your practice will enhance your current modalities, and your client’s healing experience.

As wellness practitioners, now more than ever, it’s important that we assist/guide our clients in breathing light into the past trauma, wounds, limiting beliefs and negative patterns. This creates the freedom and inspiration to live their most authentic, fulfilled and joyous life.

OVERVIEW of the Level 1: “Awakening the Breath”

Level 1: “Awakening the Breath” is the first step in the 3-part certification process. It is designed to deepen your own connection with your breath and your true essence. It’s a deep dive to prepare you for becoming a Breath Awakening™ Practitioner. Many, especially if you’re attracted to this work, have already begun the journey of self-awareness and self-responsibility, and this is a perfect opportunity to continue evolving and expanding yourself and your practitioner tool belt.

As a wellness practitioner, you will gain greater awareness of how diaphragmatic breathing impacts your client and how to properly coach them to use their breath to activate a sense of calm in stressful situations.

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Category: Breathwork
Quick Facts:

Tara Nieves Green, founder of The Breath Awakening Process,™ is an international practitioner of deep healing and empowerment. Her superpowers are her deep intuition and understanding of the breath. Tara guides with compassion and confidence, and those who take the breathwork journey with her experience true transformation as one’s true essence and purpose are revealed and healing, recovery and inspiration. In January 2021, The level 1 Breath Awakening Practitioner Training begins.