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Hillside Herbals

Rachel Ross MS Botany, MSN, APRN, CNM
30 Wahlstrom Lane, Jefferson, MA 01522

Clinical Herbalist and Women’s Healthcare Specialist

Hillside StoreThe Herbs
Hillside Herbals began when I came full circle from my days as a field botanist, certified nurse-midwife, mother of 5 and avid family gardener to become the humbled “wise woman” herbalist with a strong clinical background in family and women’s health. I believe that the plants are powerful. In practice it became quite clear early on that conventional pharmaceuticals were not helping women feel better. I knew that there is a better way to help women through out their reproductive lives and beyond using “natural” earth-centered methods such as using energy type medicines (acupuncture, yoga, etc.), nutritional support and plant medicines.

I believe we can develop a new trust in what I may call earth medicine as our pharmacy. Earth medicine may simply start with the air that we breath, the day and how we spend it and the foods that we choose to eat plus the spiritual reflection to find healing in our own ability to make the difference. (I do believe we have this power within us!) At Hillside Herbals, we may start here by exploring the potential of the herbs to remedy our dis-ease whatever it may be.

Hillside Herbals provides organic, wild harvested or central Massachusetts grown bulk supply herbs, crafted herbal teas, herb infused skin care and culinary herb blends. I sell products mostly at farmer markets or by special order and pick up arrangements.

Hours for browsing (which is in my basement shop) are Saturdays; 10 am to 4 pm.


Clinical Practice
Still, we may need to go further to find the root cause of our illness or dis-ease as there is very little in the natural world that is a quick fix. How can there be with us? Anyway, we may need to explore more deeply what may be missing. Too much of something is harmful but so is too little of something else. What is nourishing? How do we find balance? That is what our earth medicines are first intended to do: nourish. Then we may need to go further. There, we will find balance.

I hold a medical license of Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) and I am a Certified Nurse-Midwife. In the state of Massachusetts, as a CNM, I have prescriptive and diagnostic authority. With additional training in functional medicine, I am able to integrate conventional practice if and when needed with “earth medicine” for women throughout their life span. I have practiced as a midlevel practitioner in obstetrics and gynecology since 2003. Just before the pandemic I launched my own private practice in women’s health to “be there” for women who are looking for “alternative(s)” to conventional medical care.

These are difficult times for small businesses and private practices. I closed my formal location. My herbs and practice have come home.

Online Classes

Rachel Ross 4855Online classes are two fold. One, to give women the opportunity to reclaim their knowledge and wisdom of earth medicine. Second, to offer what knowledge I have about the plants and their healing qualities.

The pandemic has created a new era with the Divine feminine arising. Perhaps, invisible to the naked eye. Simply said, my monthly online class will start also when the lunar calendar starts every month; on the NEW MOON. (The lunar calendar was derived by women from their inherent knowledge of the coincidences of their cycles and of the moon. Then Caesar changed all of that, tragically.)
Classes will be 1 hour and free. (I will happily take a donation which will be rightfully returned to my efforts of growing, preserving, the making of medicines and foods from the plants.) The classes will begin at 8pm EST. Bring along your tea for the night.

Each month THE DAY WILL BE DIFFERENT as it will fall on the night of the New Moon.
The dates are for 2021 with suggested topics:

  • January 28 (Herbs for anxiety and depression)
  • February 27 (Heart health herbs-how to nourish the aching soul)
  • March 28 (Herbs for assimilation and elimination. ie: Think spring cleaning)
  • April 26 (Herbs for fertility)
  • May 26 (Thinking about weight loss-wild harvest spring herbs!)
  • June 24 (Fatigue, energy/metabolism support)
  • July 23 (NO Class-enjoy the NE mid-summer night)
  • August 22 (Harvesting fall roots)
  • September 20 (Kitchen cupboard medicine and recipes)
  • October 20 (Herbs for winter and lung health)
  • November 19 (Anti inflammatory herbs)
  • December 18 (Simple herbal gifts)

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Category: Herbs & Herbalists
Quick Facts:
  • Hillside Herbals is an authentic herbal apothecary and herbal clinical practice with a speciality in women’s health.
  • Hillside Herbals does Just-For-You crafting of teas, tincture blends and skin care.
  • Herbs are considered food supplements and do not need a prescription.
  •  You can learn more about the herbs and how they may help you through making an appointment for a consultation or by signing up for an online class or workshop. Apprenticeship opportunities are also available.
  • Advanced Practice Registered Nurse.
  • Certified Nurse-Midwife.
  • Organic, wild harvested, local bulk herbs.
  • Free New Moon monthly classes held.