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Classes at The Way To Balance

Aaron and Sue Singleton
21 Water Street, Amesbury, MA 01913
(978) 834-0341

Energy Of Life® intuitive, energetic bodywork techniques complement medical and holistic, empower practitioners/laypersons. The Way to Balance, LLC, Center For Advanced Healing and Training is your complete source for state-of-the-art holistic healing and alternative healing tools and services. The practitioners’ goal is to help you find and resolve the Root Cause of any unresolved illnesses or condition that you are experiencing in your life. Since 1993, clients worldwide have benefited from The Energy of Life® (EOL), an innovative process of facilitated holistic healing and alternative self-healing developed by Center founders Aaron and Sue Singleton. This process assists people with their own health and well-being, through an exclusive collection of holistic healing services, alternative healing and self-empowerment workshops and holistic healing products.
In-person and webinar teaching

Workshop and events calendar: www.thewaytobalance.com/events.cfm

To invite Sue and Aaron Singleton off-site for large groups, contact them at 978-834-0341 or info@TheWayToBalance.com.

Aaron and Sue Singleton are Founders of The Way to Balance, LLC® Center for Advanced Healing and Training in Amesbury, MA. The Singletons are widely recognized for their Medical Intuition and the powerful Energy Of Life® (EOL) Integrative Healing Process, which promotes total healing of physical, emotional and spiritual manifestations of “dis-ease” by empowering clients to actively participate in regaining their own health.

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Workshops & Training Offered

BioMorphic Geometry (BMG) Workshops

EOL I.D.E.A.L. Process Workshop Series

EOL Radical Hands-On Healing Workshops

EOL Visionary Acupressure System
Workshop Series

The Rings of Oden Workshop Series

One-Day Workshops

Half-Day Workshops

Lectures & Presentations

Recorded Lectures & Workshops

Healing Tools:

Holistic Self Healing Kits

Gift Certificates

BioMorphic Geometry (BMG) Tools

Edgar Cayce Remedies and Products

Egyptian Energy Healing Tools

EMF Protection Products and Jewelry

EOL Net-Neutral Ionic Products

EOL Essential Oils and Natural Aromatherapy Products

EOL Massage Oils, Aromatherapy Bath Oil and Essential Body Oil

Stone Play Healing Crystals

The EOL Sound Therapy Series on CD

Other EOL Natural Repair and Health Care Products

Books, DVDs and CDs