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Collaborative Astrology™

Mary MacDonald
Online Only


Collaborative Astrology™ is an exchange of information, insight, and intuition for deep exploration of your astrological chart.

Through Astrology you can…

  • Uncover what is blocking your potential
  • Discover qualities that you may have buried or undervalued
  • Connect more fully to your inner guidance, your muse, or Spirit
  • Adopt new perspectives regarding your gifts, challenges, and goals
  • Clarify a path to align your life with what you value most
  • Free yourself from limiting beliefs

Collaborative Astrology™ offers intuitive astrological consultations and motivational partnerships to guide you in finding clarity about yourself and your life. Through our collaboration, we can tap into your inner knowing and find the answers you seek. All consultations are virtual via Zoom.

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Category: Astrology
Quick Facts:
  • Birth Charts
  • Transits
  • Solar Return
  • Unique Birth Chart Immersion Program