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Cosmos Professional Tachyon Chamber Healing & Anti-Aging Meditation Sessions

Psychotherapy Healing Services, LLC - Celeste Emelia Mattingly, LCSW
Malibu Fitness Center Building, 15 Executive Drive, Units 1, 3, 6 Farmington, CT 06032

Celeste is a skilled, experienced, and compassionate psychotherapist-living her life’s mission of transformation for all. She created Celestial Psychology® and has now added the exciting new Cosmos Tachyon Chamber for Healing & Anti-aging with Zero Point Energy technology to her treatment modalities.

Immerse yourself in the Quantum Foam
of Infinite Possibilities

Providing state-of-the-art energy medicine with Tachyon has no comparison. There is nothing like it on the planet. Tachyon particles are around us at all times as the Life Force, Chi, or Prana. Tachyon particles travel faster than the speed of light, so they are regarded as hypothetical in Newtonian physics, but they exist in the quantum realm. Quantum physics has recognized Tachyon particles as the bridge between all frequencies and Source. These self-organizing sub-atomic particles traveling faster than the speed of light can be harnessed, concentrated, and infused into matter. Once infused, physical objects emit spiritual energy and temporarily suspend negative influences, such as electromagnetic fields (EMFs), air pollution, pesticides, GMOs, chronic stress, negative emotions, and entropy. Physicists identify this as the Zero Point Energy Field, from whence all Creation arises.

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