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Crystal Reiki

Deborah Strafuss RMT, SCR, SLC, CDP
79 Main Street, Framingham, 365 Boston Post Road, Sudbury MA

A multi-faceted approach to Reiki Healing offering
Traditional Usui Reiki Sessions, Reiki infused Meditation,
Reiki Training and specialized Reiki for Childbirth, Veterans, Alzheimer’s and Dementia.
Healing your home and workspaces with Reiki infused Land and Space clearing.
Changing your life with Reiki facilitated Spiritual Life Coaching.


Deborah Strafuss 277x300In this Winter of Waiting, now is the time not to wait any longer to bring the amazing, simple, restorative practice of Reiki into your life.

Promote and support your own healing and rebalancing from a year of unexpected stress and distress. Become a beacon of calm and resiliency for others. Strengthen and deepen your spiritual journey with Reiki practice.

Level One and Two Training available online

These courses are live, interactive, multi-session studies that will root you in the practice of Reiki for the rest of your life. Offered individually and customized for you, individual training provides the most immersive experience of Reiki learning and practice you can experience. Deeply healing and freeing, the individual student receives an unforgettable transformative gift through one-on-one Reiki study.

Small virtual classes create a group experience with access to the wisdoms of practice and continuing support as you begin your Reiki journey.


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Category: Reiki
Quick Facts:
  • Opened to Public Practice 2013.
  • Physical locations in Framingham and Sudbury MA.
  • Currently offering Covid-safe in-person Reiki sessions and transformative online sessions, training and coaching.
  • Experienced Reiki Master Teacher trained by four leading Master Teachers brings depth and breadth to training and sessions.