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Dancing Heart Healing

Harlyene Goss 
Wakefield, NH

Experience Tachyon 3.0 with Source Love frequencies, the latest upgrade in a Tachyon Healing Chamber!

Tachyon works directly with your DNA to repair and upgrade your body’s template. The Zero Point energy will help clear and balance your chakras/meridians. It’s the Zero Point field of high vibration where neutral energies clear and accelerated frequencies are attainable.

Tachyon harmonizes imbalanced energy and promotes well-being including the negative effects of harmful electro-magnetic fields (EMF) within and around our bodies.

The addition of Source Love ensures protection those who enter so that only the best and highest good can come for that person within a chamber.

Dancing Heart Healing2

About Harlyene Goss 

In March of 2021, Harlyene Goss woke up with the message she needed to bring a Tachyon chamber to northern New England, even though she had yet to experience it. After just three Tachyon sessions, she had both emotional and physical healings.

Harlyene encouraged friends to experience the Tachyon Chamber in Massachusetts, and each experienced something different, but all felt their body/being had shifted. Based on that, Harlyene opened the latest generation of Tachyon Healing Chamber in beautiful, serene Wakefield, NH.

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