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Danielle Sullivan: Reiki Master, Energy Alchemist & Shamanic Practitioner

Danielle Sullivan
Kingston, NH 03848

Everyone Is Unique, So Is Your Session

Danielle uses various healing modalities in each session. Healing modalities may include; Lightarian Reiki, Holy Fire Reiki, Shamanic Healing, Chakra & Aura Clearing/ Balancing, Melchizedek Method Healing, Akashic Record Reading, IET, Andean Chumpi Stones & Tuning Fork Therapy.

Each session is as unique as you!

Danielle channels healing frequencies and  offers gentle, compassionate and educational sessions. These frequencies are able to clear out stagnant and lower vibrational energy to restore balance and flow to begin your healing journey. Intuitive messages received during the session will be shared to aid in the healing process.

What Is A Soul Retrieval?

There have been a few common questions that I am being asked about Shamanic Healing. I wanted to take this opportunity to clear up misconceptions about what a soul retrieval is. Soul retrieval is a powerful branch of Shamanism that has been practiced since the beginning of history among indigenous cultures around the planet.

We all experience trauma during our lives. When trauma occurs parts of the soul may fracture or “leave” in an effort to protect itself. This soul fragment is the spiritual embodiment of the wound. The trauma that caused the wound could be obvious such as accident, divorce, war, assault, emotional or physical abuse or it may be present in a more subtle realm. Trauma can extend back to infancy or have come with you into this incarnation from another lifetime. We may or may not be aware of the trauma. Soul fragments can also be created by rejecting parts of yourself, part of who you are. All trauma is subjective, how we respond to the trauma is more important than the objective reality of what occurred.

Soul retrieval looks different for each individual. Going back in time, as far as the shamanic practitioner is able, to look for soul parts that are ready and willing to be restored. Sometimes multiple ages and events appear. Other times, just one appears. These soul part or parts are then healed and reintegrated back into your primary consciousness.

People’s reactions after their soul retrieval are very varied. You are unique and so is your returning soul fragments. A soul retrieval means different things to different people. It’s important not to have any preconceived notions about what you might feel. Some people feel great joy, some people sadness, some people feel fuller, some people feel lighter, some people begin new hobbies or just have a deep feeling of being complete. There is no ‘one’ or ‘right’ way. It is possible that the soul retrieval will complete a healing process, but it is also possible that it will begin the work of new healing and new growing.

Soul retrieval is a ceremonial invitation to step deeper into your own life and take an active role in your growth and healing.

What Are The Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are a repository of our souls journey, an energetic library of information or a cosmic databank. Some view the records as a library, a scroll, or giant filing cabinet.

Everything has an Akashic record. Your soul has an Akashic record, your house has an Akashic record, your dog, your hamster and the tree in your yard has an Akashic record.

According to the records themselves, they are another dimension called the Akasha. Simply put, the Akasha is a higher dimension than the dimension we live in. In this higher dimension, the rules of time do not apply. What happened 3,000 years ago is as easily accessible as what happened to you yesterday or will happen in 10 years. Every thought, word, and deeds are recorded in the Akasha. The Akashic records span through all lifetimes, past, present and future incarnations.

The records hold no judgment, there is no right or wrong, guilt or innocent implied in the records. They are simply a recording of each soul’s journey.

When you discuss the future, your always referencing multiple potentials, outcomes or possibilities. The Akashic records tell us there are infinite outcomes for actions but there is an outcome that is “most likely” to happen based on the trajectory we are on. At any moment, we can decide to forge a new path, make different choices, break old patterns and redirect our possible outcomes.

The Akashic records can remind you of your soul level truth, why you decided to incarnate at this time, who you really are, not who you became due to familiar or social pressure. The connection and information that can be obtained in the Akasha is incredibly insightful and liberating.

In healing sessions, I utilize the Akashic records in relation to the past. Healing the past, by clearing past issues, you improve your ability to create the best possible future.

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Category: Healing
Quick Facts:

Danielle uses various healing modalities in each session including:


  • IET
  • Holy Fire Reiki
  • Shamanic Healing
  • Chakra & Aura Clearing/ Balancing
  • Melchizedek Method Healing
  • Akashic Record Reading
  • Lightarian Reiki
  • Andean Chumpi Stones
  • Tuning Fork Therapy