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Deb Fate-Mental
85 Main St, Hopkinton, MA 01748

Deb Fate-Mental is an archetypal Wise Woman and has been in practice for almost a decade. Her healing expertise combines traditional plant lore with authentic, old-fashioned shamanism and spiritual healing. Deb helps people Remember themselves via healings, classes and readings so they may re-connect with Nature and the Divine. Deb is available for in-person healings and divination in Hopkinton, MA and distance via Skype or phone. Aside from healing work, Deb is working on a book and is a Druid-in-training.

As a shaman…

Deb works with her team of spirits to diagnose and treat spiritual diseases with diving light. Diseases reside in the energy body and may affect the physical body. Shamanic healing can clear the energy body of debris; remove blockages from energy centers and lines; clear foreign energies; bring back lost energies; releasing clients from unhealthy energy transference; clear ancestral issues; balance the elements in the body; and bring more harmony to the client’s energy body and life.

Other Shamanic Work:

• Creating individual ceremony for people.
• Land and house clearing (aka clearing ghosts and other entities from houses.)
• Healing work with animals.

As a Shamanic Herbalist…

Deb educates, coaches and advises clients on the traditional uses of herbs as well as dietary and lifestyle in order to improve the client’s health and wellbeing. As guided by her spirits, Deb formulates and makes herbal remedies (teas, tinctures, salves, herbal-infused oils).

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