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Emotional Wellness and Weight Loss Coach

Saundra Mackay
Boston, MA

Sandra After 20191012 124214 Sandra Before 100 1156My 270-pound weight loss differs from society’s belief that my “ample figure” stemmed from over-indulgence, lack of motivation, and downright lazy behavior, recognizing its society’s distorted image that doesn’t accept the differences in every individual.

As I started to gain weight around the age of twelve, the physical image of my body interchanged with society’s distorted interpretation that would forever impact my life. Sadly, it only affirmed the images of my body would become distorted and altered. And, as I matured, I found an escape in the comfort of food, creating a “bigger” problem.

As an adult facing the same side of society’s prejudice from being a woman of size, I learned to love my body in the midst of learning to like others for who they were along the way. I discovered self-preservation can be a mighty sword in the hunt for your own happiness. My fascination with holistic medicine tapped into an aspect of holistic well-being for the body and soul that I have made a large part of my significant 270-pound weight loss journey

As I continue on this amazing journey in a much smaller body, the imparted wisdom it reveals everyday creates an inherent desire to help other courageous women in search of their own, real-life, meaningful change. And, by practicing Carl Roger’s client-centered therapy of being as open, authentic, and empathic as I can, I hope that it will allow you to see how beneficial and enlightening working with me will be.

I am ready to travel on your emotional and weight loss journey
and for you to discover genuine happiness, spiritual well-being
and fulfillment in your life.

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Category: Weight Management
Quick Facts:

You are the only one that can do the actual, hard work, but I am here to:

  • Emotionally help you to encounter the weight bias and day-to-day apprehensions along this amazing journey.
  • Emotionally set up a warmth and nurturing safe-haven as you share your concerns.
  • Emotionally help you not to give in to those weight related, self-hatred and self-defeating urges.
  • Emotionally help you to enrich your mind and soul as you confront the struggles and possibly experience the painful unpleasantries.
  • Emotionally hold your hand as you to learn it is your natural right to be loved, to laugh and be a happy and whole person.

This is what can become most natural for you:

  • You can make peace with yourself.
  • You can be easier on yourself.
  • You can look for reasons to feel good.
  • You can look for positive things in the future.
  • You can count your blessings.
  • You can smile a lot.
  • You can be a happy person!
  • You can make every breath count!