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Empath Evolution - Michelle J. Howe

Michelle J. Howe
P.O. Box 9550, Brewerton, NY 13029

Awakening Support, Guidance & Teachings

Empath Evolution was created by Michelle J. Howe to awaken your sense of inner connection and deepen the trust you have in your own natural gifts, sensitivity and intuition. We offer specialized training and healing vibrations through private sessions, organized live and virtual workshops, programs and events designed to expand your mind, nourish your soul, and share energy-smart wisdom.

Empath Evolution serves energetically sensitive, heart-centered souls as they step forward to embrace the joyful path, and elevate their personal fulfillment at home, at work, and in their relationships.

Michelle J. Howe is the founder. She serves as a powerful channel, guide and speaker of high vibrational, healing energies. As a perpetual student of life, Michelle holds many healing certifications, and is a graduate of the Orin & DaBen Awakening Light Body Program. Michelle awakens and guides heart-centered individuals, teams and organization on the path to joyful expansion.

Category: Personal Growth
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