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Empowered Aura, Alternative Medicine

Whitney Bernabei
40 Pleasant Street, Suite 203, Portsmouth, NH 03801

Empowered Aura is an alternative medicine practice specializing in Sound Healing, Biofield Tuning, Reiki Services, and Energy Consultations.  Our objective is to help you relax, cleanse, rejuvenate, fortify, and empower you to be your most vibrant self.

Empower your Aura.
When was the last time you experienced a self-care session for your energy?

After all, your energetic body (energy field) holds a record of your entire life’s experiences – every moment, every milestone, thought, emotion, ALL of it.  And at times it can be stagnant, heavy, and exhausting to carry around expired energy that no longer serves you.


Vibrate Higher.  Expand your Light.
Many of us have self-care routines and daily hygiene, however our energetic body deserves just as much continuous maintenance and nourishment.  Our energetic body has a direct correlation to our physical body, thoughts, daily mood, energy levels, and our capacity to show up in the world and move forward (or not) in alignment with our Truth: our most Authentic Self.


Empower your Truth.
Owner Whitney Bernabei has been practicing alternative medicine for the last 12 years and holds multiple certifications as an Alternative Medicine Practitioner.  She is a: Sound Healer, Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner, Holy Fire Karuna III Reiki Master, Intuitive Channel, and Practitioner in Life Transition Reiki.

Each healing session is customized for the client’s specific needs physically, emotionally, and mentally. Healing sessions are conducted in person (virtual/distance options available) and integrate sound, vibration, holistic tools, and intuitive techniques.

Whitney hosts each session with reverence.  She is a Light, an observer, and a Channel, helping others to release expired energies that no longer serve them so they may stand in their authentic power, become more of who they truly are, and radiate into the world.


Fuel your Soul!
Many clients have seen improvements with concerns related to: Depression, anxiety, PTSD, migraines, exhaustion, insomnia, (chronic) stress, (chronic) pain, digestive issues, post op recovery, wound healing, emotional patterning, and feelings of “stagnancy” in various aspects of life.

Visit our website at www.empowered-aura.com to learn more and Book a Session.

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