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Energy Transformations

Dawn Fleming
Scottsdale, AZ 85257

Dawn Fleming is an Energy Expert and Medical intuitive with over 30 years of experience. She works with clients worldwide who are seeking to remove blocks to their health and well being. We offer in-person and distance Reiki sessions, cord cutting, Fertility Energy Assessments, Marconics (cosmic grid alignment work), and mentoring. Our focus is also helping clients through the ascension process, moving through the dimensions, and aligning their energy to the higher frequencies.

We offer classes onlineĀ and in person

Online classes include live Reiki and Medical Intuition classes
Work at your own pace online classes include:

  • Charka Awakening
  • Dowsing for Energy Healers
  • Ignite Your Reiki Practice
  • How to Become a CE Provider
  • Reiki for Healing Eye Issues and Reiki for COVID-19

In 2021 there will be additional classes added to include Reiki for Cancer, Reiki for Fertility Challenges.

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Category: Energy Healing And Medicine
Quick Facts:

  • Help clients to release stress and anxiety to get unblocked and live their dreams.
  • Specialize in healing eye issues.
  • Have great success with helping women reach their fertility goals.
  • Works with a lot of clients with brain trauma.
  • Assist clients to move into higher dimensions and frequencies when they are ready.