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Gabriele Publishing House

P.O. Box 2221, Deering, NH 03244

Logo Gabriele Publishinghouse Dark EnAt the Gabriele Publishing House, you will find a unique offering of books, CDs and DVDs imbued with the teachings of the Free Spirit – God in us. These books are intended for the people of all cultures, free of traditions and religions, offering a path into a peaceful New Era.

For nearly 50 years, the teachings of the Free Spirit have been given through Gabriele – the teaching prophetess and emissary of the Eternal Kingdom. It is the eternal word of the love for God and neighbor, which was taught throughout all times by the true prophets of God.
From the cornucopia of divine Wisdom, divine revelations, schoolings and explanations on all areas of life have been given.

Thus, you find, for example:

  • Books on the meaning and purpose of our life on Earth, about life continuing after death and about reincarnation, as well as the path each soul takes on the return to its eternal homeland;
  • Books on health and holistic healing, and healing programs to actualize health within us;
  • Meditations and contemplations, for finding the way to tranquility and to your self within;
  • Explanations on the events taking place in the world, about the war against nature and the animals – and also about the abuse of the term “Christian” through ecclesiastical institutions and “organized religion”;

… and much more!


Choose your topic from the large selection of the Gabriele Publishing House, and teach yourself – for a better life.


A Few Featured Titles for your Consideration:

Recognize And Heal



Recognize and Heal Yourself Through the Power of the Spirit: The human being is an energy field of the spirit. Thus, each person can make use of the absolutely positive power of the Spirit of God in his life.






Causedevelopment Illness



Cause and Development of All Illness: There are three aspects of consciousness in the body: The spirit consciousness, the conscious mind and the subconscious. Learn the processes taking place in our inner being, which lead to illness or to health.





Greatcosmicteachings 3d




The Great Cosmic Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth to His Apostles and Disciples Who Could Understand Them: This ancient knowledge is again available to all people. It is the law of the All-Highest, which helps us understand the cosmic correlations of all life.




Speakingall Unity Cmyk



The Speaking All-Unity. The Word of the Universal Creator-Spirit: What religion, philosophy and science since their inception cannot comprehensibly explain – the great spiritual correlations of life – is ingeniously and outstandingly explained in this work of cosmic teaching and learning.




Teaching Book Front Cmyk 3d



The Teaching Book: God in Us, and We in God: Delve deeply into the laws of life! Learn that God, the All-Power, dwells in every cell of our body and that everything, our entire life, is based on energy, on sending and receiving. What does this mean for our life and for our genetic make-up?





Mememe Cmyk 3d



Me. Me. Me. The Spider in Its Web. The Law of Correspondence and the Law of Projection: We learn what takes place on a daily basis between people in terms of influence and manipulation – and what the consequences of our wrongdoing can be on the Earth and in the spheres of the souls.






Gabriele Publishing House

P.O. Box 2221 / Deering, NH 03244


1 (844) 576-0937

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