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“Hibur Le Muda’ut AL” Spiritual Teachings

Dalia Olshvang, PhD, MBA
Newton, MA 02466

“What comes from light, becomes light.”

Channeled by Laila Barzeski

“Hibur Le Muda’ut AL,” a unifying life-enhancing knowledge from the human spirit rather than the logos, in Hebrew,  is the result of one of the darkest moments in my life. Before embarking on my spiritual journey, I believed spirituality was a luxury and irrelevant to real-life challenges. However, life’s difficulties weighed heavily on me, leading to numerous mistakes in my attempts to cope.

When I hit rock bottom, I committed to personal spiritual growth through ‘Hibur le Muda’ut Al.’ This journey transformed me, making me less reactive, resilient, and more balanced. I learned how to leverage my energy, heal myself my family and friends and navigating challenges with more ease.

Today I dedicate my life to empower individuals and groups to embark on a journey towards inner freedom, success, and self-realization.

I wish to share this self-help transformative method with you, so you too can experience positive changes in your life.

The spiritual teachings of “Hibur le Muda’ut AL,” were given to us by a superior energy guidance group that channeled through Laila Barzeski, who is referred to as Ben Ha’elohim, a soul loyal to god since the beginning in Hebrew. These lessons, strategies and tools were brought to humanity with the purpose of assisting us in handling everyday life more effectively and providing us with the ability to address emotional, mental, and physical pain, and even illnesses. The teachings emphasize that our health can be hindered by an unbeneficial consciousness, and through spiritual awareness, we can overcome these obstacles.

Dalia Olshvang, PhD, MBA, is a senior teacher and practitioner of “Hibur le Muda’ut AL”. She is the author of The Art of Self Value — A Transformative Workbook, and a trained crisis hotline facilitator. For additional reading and buying the book visit www.soulawakeningco.com.

Category: Vibrational Healing & Tools
Quick Facts:

Quick facts

  • Transformative spiritual self-help for women
  • Foster a sacred space for healing, self-discovery, and spiritual connection
  • Enhancing personal success in relationships, career, family, love life, and health
  • Integrating ancient wisdom and modern practices to awaken your inner being and finding your inner peace