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Imagine Peace and Plenty

Christopher Gruener MA, LMHC

Are You A Wayseer?

In times of social, political and ecological crisis, humanity calls out “There must be a better way!” – a pathway out of the darkness of separation, poverty, destruction, death and despair. Wayseers are visionaries who answer that call with thoughts of unity, words of life and actions that move us toward co-creation and shared abundance!


Since you found your way to Imagine Peace and Plenty, YOU most likely are a wayseer — a trouble maker, a cage rattler, an agent of hope and change. To find out for sure, watch the video found here. As you see images of who you strive to be in your heart of hearts, our greeting to you is “Welcome Home”!

Imagine Peace and Plenty is here to identify the challenges we face, to offer tools for personal and planetary transformation, to foster confidence that a better world is within reach, to inspire effective action, and to strengthen your direct experience of connection with your own internal guidance — the part of yourself that already knows the way in which your personal contribution to our collective journey is invited to unfold.

ImaginePeaceandPlenty.com offers reliable information, uplifting inspiration and practical action step opportunities to everyone who is committed to fostering the sustainability of our planet and the integrity of the American government. The website is intended to be visually delightful as well as intellectually stimulating and politically provocative.


Imagine … justice, peace and prosperity for all … but today ignorance
and greed remain strong … so it’s time to make our choice …
to manifest the world we know is possible …
by working as one TOGETHER.

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And to bid you adieu, for now, we invite the Moody Blues
to help us all keep our hearts open with this song of benediction.

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