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Integrative Mental Health U

Emma Bragdon, PhD.
8 Clough Ave, Windsor, VT 05089

Founded in 2013, IMHU offers education, training and coaching to bring the positive potential of spirituality to improve mental health. We offer 40 unique courses, several of which are completely free. IMHU also has a certification program for anyone that would like to be a Spiritual Emergency Coach. There are currently over 30 certified coaches listed in our directory and located around the world.

We can also offer CE credit to undergrad, grad students and healthcare providers.

How we accomplish our mission:

  • We research and report on best practices, practitioners, and organizations– so you don’t have to.
  • We maintain our not-for-profit services independent of special interests and lobbies.
  • We believe that most mental disturbances originate in trauma and recovery is possible.
  • We encourage the use of spiritual practices to cultivate well-being.
  • We offer programs online and in locations around the world.
  • We inform you about the full range of effective options for mental healthcare and wellness.
  • We teach safe and effective techniques for spiritual “emergence”, aka psycho-spiritual growth.
  • We maximize the healing that comes from supportive fellowship.


“Dr Bragdon is on the leading edge of issues that must be addressed if we are going to realize a transformation in the ways in which health care is currently conceptualized and delivered.”

Jeffrey Rediger, MD, M.Div.,
Author of “Cured: The Life-Changing Science of Spontaneous Healing”
Medical Director, McLean’s Hospital SE and on faculty at Harvard Medical School

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Emma Bragdon, PhD, (Transpersonal Psychology) is the Founder and Executive Director of IMHU. She has been a pioneer in publishing, creating documentary film, and teaching in the field of spiritual awakening and spiritual crisis since 1984. She teaches several courses at IMHU, e.g., Supporting People in Spiritual Emergency, exploring Spiritist Therapies in Brazil, and Foundations for Working with Subtle Energies. There are also 16 other faculty members and numerous guest presenters who teach at IMHU offering effective ways to overcome mental disturbances that go beyond the limitations of the “medication-only” approach.

Dr. Bragdon is available for personal consultation and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy at EmmaBragdon.com

See video interviews of her by clicking HERE.


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  1. Managing Stress
  2. Adding Spirituality to Mental Health Practices
  3. The New Integrative Psychiatry
  4. Effective Alternatives to Psychiatric Medication
  5. Spiritual Emergence Phenomena Explained
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  7. Free Courses
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The 5 online webinar series on Spiritual Emergency is one of the best courses I’ve ever taken. The material is clearly and well presented in an interesting and entertaining way. I find it very easy to digest and speaks to me on the level of my own personal experiences and in my work with many of my psychotherapy clients. Thank you for pulling this all together in this easy to digest and fun way. I’m delighted. — Jan, Psychotherapist


I learned so much from this course… It was a catalyst for my own personal transformation and growth. It also helped me through some traumatic experiences and helped me to stay strong for and help others going through spiritual emergency. I loved every minute of this. Everyone should take this course! — Bryn, Podcaster/ teacher


“If you are wondering about the intersection of severe mental distress and spiritual awakening–this is a wonderful place to get a deep understanding.” — Phil Borges, Filmmaker


Dr. Bragdon’s talk on Spiritism has taught me so much more about Spiritist therapies and the exceptional work that mediums and healers do in support of the psychiatric care provided to people struggling with spiritual emergency. Thank you for making this knowledge available to us. — Colette, Spiritual Coach




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Quick Facts:

Founded in 2013
Courses and Certification

  • 40+ Courses Offered, mostly online
  • 5 Free Courses
  • Certification: Spiritual Emergence Coach®
  • International Directory: Spiritual Emergence Coaches®
  • Students on All Continents
  • Continuing Ed Credit for Professionals
  • Credits for Undergrad and Grad students
  • Presentations on effective alternatives to conventional medication-only therapies
  • Study Phenomena of Awakening
  • Spiritist Therapies

Psychotherapy and Support Groups

  • Emma Bragdon, PhD, 35 years in Transpersonal Psychology
  • Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy
  • Support Groups
  • Personal Consultations