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Jean McClelland

Jean McClelland

Jean McClelland is a renowned teacher of voice, a senior teacher of the Alexander Technique, and a noted musical theater performer. She is on the faculty of the Graduate Department of Theater, Columbia University, and the New York Open Center. Jean has given workshops at drama and music schools, universities and holistic learning centers throughout the country.

Awakening Your True Voice:
Health and Vitality Through Better Breathing
Six-session Virtual Course at The Open Center
Plus FREE Intro Class

There is no greater joy than to use our voices with power and authenticity. Developing a physical understanding of how breath creates and supports our voice frees us to become more engaging speakers and more musical singers. This course creates a supportive environment in which self-consciousness dissolves and your true voice emerges.

Integrating the Alexander Technique with natural, reflexive breathing, Jean McClelland will help you experience greater ease and vitality in your body, fuller breathing, and a stronger, more nuanced voice. Folk songs, spirituals, and spoken text will encourage more open self-expression. No previous vocal experience necessary.

This program will be offered “live” online. Sessions of the class will be recorded and shared with participants.

This course is eligible for Continuing Education Credits

Monday, March 15 at 6pm

Monday evenings March 22 – May 3, 2021 at 6-7:30 pm
There is no class on Passover, Monday, March 29

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Email Jean at jean@jeanmcclellandvoice.com with any questions

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The Inspiration of Breath “Pre-Recorded” Course
Jean’s 4-part online video course is now available for purchase!

“The Inspiration of Breath” was one of the most successful online course offerings at the New York Open Center, and I am thrilled to be able to offer a video of the complete course in its totality. The course is in four parts covering all aspects of breathing and its connection to voice.

  • Class One: The Miracle of Breathing
  • Class Two: The Inspiration of Breath
  • Class Three: The Power of Exhalation
  • Class Four: The Impulse for Sound

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Category: Voice
Quick Facts:
  • Discover a voice that is spontaneous and free, open and expressive
  • Strengthen your breathing and body
  • Explore lifelong tools to help you uncover your true voice