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Karen LeVasseur, LCSW

Karen LeVasseur, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner
Harpswell, ME 04079

There is no single way to approach well-being. Healing is an art benefitting from a multi-faceted approach. When we focus on body, mind and spirit; allowing for emotional awareness and balance; along with connection with other humans and nature, we can find our True Self and follow our true path.

As an LCSW and a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner I’ve always believed that receiving support should be an enjoyable experience that suits different needs. No “one size fits all” or use of the “therapy couch”. Instead I offer a variety of creative and unique healing experiences to address body, mind and spirit; tailoring each session to best suit YOU and meet you where you are on your healing journey.

I have two healing practices; The Art of Healing Emotions, LLC to support residents of Maine clinically as an LCSW and a non-clinical practice Remote Energy Healing, LLC offering The Emotion Code to clients worldwide as a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner.

What is Ecotherapy?

Ecotherapy, or earth-centered therapy, is a form of psychotherapy rooted in the idea of biophilia: people’s bond between themselves and other ecosystems. The client and practitioner spend time in a natural setting (the forest, beach, field, or simply outdoors) and utilize mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, sensory experience, storytelling (and so much more) to learn, grow, receive and explore the many teachings from nature that can help the client find the solutions and make the changes they desire. It’s about noticing what is around us and increasing our self-awareness in relationship to the natural world.

What are the benefits of Ecotherapy?

Biophilia, which is defined as the innate human instinct to connect with nature and other living things, is the basis of ecotherapy. Research has shown that being outdoors and connecting with nature can be linked to improved mental and emotional health. Studies have shown that being in nature can lead to a reduction in anxiety, depression, and stress and improvement in self-awareness, perception of the world, and ability to respond in healthier ways to daily stressors. Ecotherapy can also be beneficial to those who feel nervous about traditional talk therapy, which can feel overwhelming. In an Ecotherapy session, the main focus is on giving and receiving from nature; less so on talking. We set the intention to receive, learn, understand, gain, change…in a way that serves our highest good.

What is Walk and Talk Therapy?

Walk and talk therapy differs from regular therapy sessions in that clients interact with the therapist while walking, usually outside. This alternative approach can be very beneficial, especially for those who don’t feel all that comfortable with more traditional office-based methods. In a typical session some aspects of Ecotherapy such as breathwork, mindfulness, and sensory work are integrated into the session in order to support learning, problem solving and decision making in regard to the client’s desired growth or change.

What are the benefits of Walk and Talk Therapy?

Walking while talking changes the overall dynamic between client and therapist. Facing forward rather than maintaining eye contact can make the situation feel less intense. This more casual approach often empowers people to talk more freely and easily – especially when discussing difficult or sensitive issues. It encourages a client to be more physically active for mental and physical reasons and it can help a client get “unstuck” when confronting difficult issues. Walking and talking can spur creative, deeper ways of thinking often released by mood-improving physical activity in conjunction with the health benefits of being outdoors.

What is The Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code is a simple, yet powerful method of finding and releasing trapped negative emotions that were stored in the body after experiencing a powerful emotion that was not processed and released at the time it was felt.  These trapped emotions can cause physical, emotional, behavioral and mental imbalance or dis-ease such as physical pain, emotional distress, difficulty achieving goals, low self-esteem (and the list goes on…) In a session the practitioner connects intuitively with the client to ask yes/no questions of the client’s subconscious mind in order to identify trapped emotions and possibly explore and bring into conscious awareness details of the trigger to the emotion. At times trapped emotions are detected that go as far back as when the client was in the womb! Once the subconscious mind indicates we have all of the information we need, we set the intention to release the trapped emotion forever, using a magnet on the Governing Meridian to draw all of its’ energy out of the body. This can allow for a rebalancing of the client’s system.

What are the benefits of The Emotion Code?

Releasing trapped emotions can balance the body so it can regain its full healing capabilities.  Utilizing the Emotion Code, you may see physical and emotional issues disappear or become much less severe; allowing for optimal well-being.

What is Energetic Tapping?

Tapping draws on the ancient Chinese practice of Acupuncture which teaches that the body’s energy flows along specific pathways and when certain points are stimulated energy can flow more freely, allowing for healing to occur and an improvement in well-being. Similarly, Energetic Tapping utilizes these energy points to support healing through a process of identifying a problem or issue that is causing distress; narrowing it down to the nitty-gritty with the intention of releasing the emotional distress. The client is asked to “sit in” the emotions that come up in regard to the problem and rate on a scale of 0-10 the intensity of the distress. Then the distress is given a name (really mad) or a statement is created (I’m okay even though I feel red in the face mad about…) and then the client taps on specific energy points while saying the statement or name. The client is again asked to “sit in” and re-rate the intensity of their distress. This process continues until the client rates the emotional response 0. And it is gone!

What are the benefits of Energetic Tapping?

Tapping can help reduce anxiety, release anger, support a changed perspective or response to a problem, increase feelings of calmness and inner peace and generally support overall well-being.

Client testimonials

  • Safe…This was my primary feeling when I first met Karen. Her “gift” has healed me and has allowed me to continue with a purpose. Safe…This is how I felt hearing Karen’s voice during my soul journey. Karen has guided me on a self expedition that has altered my life forever. Safe…protected…warm…loved…healed…Karen… – Denise R.
  • I had a profound and enlightening experience with Karen. Felt safe and well guided throughout the entire process. Walked away with both answers and also more questions. I will be back again on this discovery journey. Thank you Karen.- JP
  • I approached Karen to see if she could help me reduce pain in my neck, shoulders and right arm. She thought based on where my pain was located that I had a heart wall. Karen recommended doing The Emotion Code to release trapped negative emotions. The negative emotions were showing up as pain. We discovered emotions that were stuck in my subconscious mind from events that occurred in my teens, twenties and thirties as well inherited emotions. Karen helped to remove negative energies from my energy field. My heart wall has been reduced to almost nothing and my pain now is barely noticeable.- Katie T
  • My dear friend Karen, an Emotion Code Practitioner, has introduced me to a LIFE-ALTERING healing modality!  I want to share my experience because it’s absolutely mind blowing! My pain is gone and I wish I had known about this years ago! I’ve been dealing with neck pain for over 20 years! I was a gymnast as a child that had a neck injury after a fall, a couple re-injuries followed. I always attributed my chronic neck pain to the initial injury. For years I suffered horribly! I accepted that managing my pain meant I needed a chiropractic adjustment and massage every 2 weeks so that’s how I’ve been living my life for all this time. I had an emotion code session with Karen and she found that I actually had a trapped emotion in my neck!! It was fear from a childhood experience. Blew my mind! She released the emotion and I haven’t been back to the chiropractor since! That was 4 months ago! Before this I honestly couldn’t remember what it felt like to be without neck pain. Pain had become my reality. I’m eternally grateful for Karen and the new pain free reality that I live in! – Annie K.

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Featured Services for Residents of Maine:
  • Ecotherapy- Immerse yourself in the great outdoors as you learn from nature’s therapist; Mother Earth.
  • Walk and Talk Therapy- Allow yourself to move forward in life as you move along the walking path.
Featured Services for Anyone Anywhere:
  • The Emotion Code- Identify and release the energy of trapped emotions allowing for optimal well-being.
  • Energetic Tapping- Utilize pressure points on the body to release intense emotions.