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Krystal L. Demaine, Ph.D.

Krystal Demaine
4 Larcom Avenue, Beverly, MA 01915

The beat of the heart is structured, not improvised; it is a perpetual non-fleeting pulse spanning all human life until it is the last rhythm produced in our conscious existence. Listening to the final beats of my father’s heart — his last eternal live music performance gave me a chance to reflect on the blood within me, the blood that pumps through my own heart, my roots, my lineage, and my musical individuation. Bearing the deep sadness of the death of my father at the forefront with a global pandemic gripping the world, social hostility, and political divide — the heartbeat gave a new meaning, something deeper and more personal, impacting my existential inquiry on the power of music and the human condition.

This book shares stories of the heart and offers an invitation for creative reflection and music listening that supports the reader’s journey in considering how music in the heart can influence your own story, identity, health, and wellness.

Category: Arts, Books/Publishers, Music
Quick Facts:

Krystal L. Demaine, Ph.D., is a board-certified music therapist, registered expressive arts therapist, registered yoga teacher, and Professor of Expressive Therapies in the School of Visual and Performing Arts at Endicott College in Beverly, MA, USA.


Her approach to the arts, teaching, therapy, and parenting is grounded in science, play, creativity, the power of human connection, and living fully with heart. Visit www.krystaldemaine.com