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Noah A. Goldberg Somatic Healing

Noah Goldberg
221 Pine St, Florence, MA 01062

I work with people longing to build a deeper connection to their bodies so they can feel more grounded & present in how they show up for themselves, their families & their communities.

In our work together l will share an understanding of how our bodies communicate and express themselves on a nervous system level, and offer tools and resources to help folks deepen their relationship with their bodies and the information they convey.

People choose somatic coaching and intuitive healing for a range of reasons including:
-Understanding how our nervous system shapes our day-to-day experiences
-Increasing self-trust
-Moving through places of repetitive stuckness
-Increasing capacity to feel range of emotions
-Understand identities of privilege and develop clarity to show up as an accomplice in social justice movements
-Accessing and tending to subtle messages being received and communicated by our bodies

My work is curious, creative & holds individual healing as sacredly interconnected with collective transformation. I work remotely over zoom anywhere or in-person in Western MA.

Category: Healing
Quick Facts:

  • Sessions over zoom anywhere or in-person in Northampton, MA
  • Free, 30 minute consultation
  • Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP)