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Nuna Therapy: Quantum Reiki & Astrology

Anabel T
280 Ayer Road, Harvard, MA 01451

Anabel is a Quantum Reiki Master, Professional Astrologer, Women’s Circle Leader, and founder of Nuna Therapy (nuna means “soul” in Quechua, the language of the Inca Empire).

Before getting into energy healing and astrology, she spent more than ten years in communications, employee engagement, and cultural transformation roles in the biotech and life sciences industry. And while there was growth for her in the corporate world, which prepared her for where she is today, she always had a gut feeling that there was something more.

In her late 20s, after battling postpartum and other relationship challenges, she started to dig into the shifts happening for her. The journey was slow and difficult and brought her to some of my lowest points, but through therapy, past life regressions, PSYCH-K(r), and other holistic and spiritual practices, she began to find her way in the darkness and mess of it all. Then she came across Reiki and Astrology, which helped her better understand her limiting beliefs and created a deeper awareness of her mind, body, and soul.

Years later, inspired by her roots, the healers in her family, and her journey, Anabel decided to start Nuna Therapy to channel her passion. Today, she works with individuals and groups to unblock areas where they feel stuck and guide them to embody who they are and who they came to be in this lifetime.

Category: Reiki
Quick Facts:


  • Quantum Reiki Healing to help shift blocks in the subconscious, heal trauma, bring clarity to deep issues, and more
  • Birth Chart Readings to help individuals understand their character, strengths, challenges, life purpose and more.
  • Workshops & Courses focused on self-discovery, chakra balancing and more.