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Integral Pelvic Therapy® for Women

Esther Shilo
125 Main Street, Plaistow, NH 03865

Integral Pelvic Therapy® (IPT®) is a complementary, holistic, body-oriented therapy that aims to restore the natural balance in your pelvis. IPT® increases cellular flow in your pelvic bowl via specific fascia and trigger point release techniques aiming to improve pelvic health and so support overall well-being.This work will often also have a positive ripple effect on your whole Body and Being, as long held patterns will get a chance to be heard, felt, released and transformed.
IPT® can support you towards:
  • Reconnecting with your pelvis and the sensations that live there.
  • Feeling of spaciousness in your body especially in your pelvis.
  • Reducing pain, numbness and nerve pain.
  • Gaining clarity in feeling and establishing your boundaries and voicing them.
  • Experiencing joy, ease and pleasure in your pelvis.
  • Experiencing more appreciation for your body and your sexuality.
  • And in general a feeling of much more groundedness and feeling contained.
For me personally, I can honestly say that IPT® was the missing puzzle for my health and healing and my spiritual and psychological well being. Having stored several layers of severe trauma in my own body and pelvis, I am so relieved to say that it was IPT® that truly allowed me to heal on a very deep level. The training so completely transformed and changed my life and installed such a passion inside of me that I knew I had to share this with other Women, and so Pelvic Balancing was born out of my Heart and Pelvis and into the World!
It is my greatest wish to serve others towards a full, fulfilled and happy life. Because we all deserve this,  and if you feel a YES in your body, mind, and heart, please feel free to reach out to me!

For now, Be Well and until we meet.

Much Love,

Category: Women's Health & Spirituality
Quick Facts:

IPT® can support you with the following issues:


  • Heavy PMS
  • Numbness in, and/or around the pelvis or during intimacy
  • Chronic bladder or yeast infections
  • Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (Vulvodynia, Vestibulodynia, Vaginismus,)
  • Any kind of Trauma (sexual/birthing/surgery)