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Pleiadean Cosmic Healing Discs

Shari Lynn
1489 Bridge Street, Ashtabula, OH 44004

Tools That Use Light & Frequency

Home of the Sophia Full Spectrum Healing Disc

Activates the High Heart, lifts depression, boosts the immune system and heals love trauma! Our full line of Full Spectrum Healing Tools are accelerated, progressive vibrational tools designed to release love, sexual, emotional and past-life traumas.

Rainbow Tribe Discs amplifies healing to activate the Lightbody and bring one into alignment within the Divine Axis Tube of Light, connecting one quickly and gently to the Higher, Higher, Higher Self while being grounded into the Heart of Pachamama (Sophia), making it easier to release emotional, past life, sexual and/or love traumas. Spinning the Source of Dis-Ease from the Bio-Human Field.

Dichroic has recently been added to the Healing Tools

We were blown away at how quickly these pieces help to immediately access deeper meditative states, release emotional blocks to surface traumas, balance emotions and hormones stabilizing mood swings, and relieve menstrual discomfort. Cleansing and purifies the Auric Field.

We Introduced Holographic Technology, Now Available, in the Discs

MATRIX Electromagnetic Harmonizer is a technology device that allows to break down the electromagnetic radiation to smaller particles that could help to reduce the effects of surrounding electromagnetic radiation. The device was designed for 5G and electromagnetic radiation waves emitted by communication towers and data-transmitting personal electronics devices. Very powerful 2″ Matrix Harmonizer ~ Limited Quantity.

Original Designs that Offer Many Ways to Connect:

Our discs enhance prayer and meditation by sending out a signal that you are open to communicate with your Angelic Guides. They offer powerful protection from any negative influences.

These Discs are lenses into another Realm of Consciousness – a place of Love & the Keepers of the 5th Dimensional Consciousness

Reiki Practitioners, Healers and Massage therapists and anyone who desires healing on a cellular level find the Discs to be a great asset in assisting with the energetic display of Light and Healing in their practice.

Riding the Cosmos has never been easier before ~ Cosmic Healing Discs made by and for Starseeds, StarSisters & StarBrothers Everywhere.

We will even ship to Other Galaxies.

Feel free to reach out to us directly.


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