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Sara Vatore: Spaces for Healing Integration and Expansion

Sara Vatore
281 Franklin St, Belchertown, MA 01007

Sara Vatore is a Multidimensional Guide and Divine Activatrix, here as a mirror to help people orient back to their own innate wisdom, access their magick, and viscerally sense their infinite potential inside.

Through her own journey of connecting to her body, desires, unique cycles and rhythms, emotions, spirit, receiving her gifts, passion for movement and dance, studying and learning, experiencing different healing modalities and connecting with her own spiritual practices and ancestry, she was able to invite in the healing, regulation and integration needed to amplify her magick.

She is a Realm Bridger, Jewish Witch, Oracle, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Intuitive Channel, Healer, Body Worker, Podcast Host, Author, Peak Performance Coach, Mentor, Energy Alchemist, Mother, Wife, Sibling, Daughter, Friend, Ancestor, Essence/Energy/Being, and so much more.

Through coaching, healing and mentorship Sara holds space for your BODY and BEING to dearmor, unwind, repattern, reprogram, open up into possibility and activate and amplify your gifts and potentials. She works 1-1, with couples and in group containers creating spaces for healing, integration and expansion to cultivate wellness, vitality, thriving and wholeness across all layers of being. Let Sara light up your channel and support you to stand in your whole multidimensional expression.

For more information about Sara and her work visit
http://www.saravatore.com and http://www.peakperformwithsara.com.

To check out her podcast, Multidimensional Transmissions visit: http://www.saravatore.com/multidimensional-transmissions-podcast

Category: Healing
Quick Facts:

  • Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP)
  • Level 2 MELT Method Instructor
  • Psychosynthesis Coach
  • Hands on Healer
  • Cultivating wholeness, wellness and our ability to thrive 


  • 1-1 and couples sessions virtually and in-person at Inspired Being LLC in Belchertown MA
  • Hands-on healing sessions for nervous system regulation, integration and energetic and somatic expansion
  • MELT Method sessions for you to release stuck stress and become your own Hands Off Bodyworker
  • Dreamwork Sessions
  • Personalized weekend retreats for your healing, integration and expansion
  • Consultation for parents, practitioners, coaches, entrepreneurs and small businesses for nervous system regulation and healing support