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Spiral Arts

Dr. Patricia Wild
Pembroke, NH

Spiral Arts is dedicated to providing rich experiences in the Expressive Arts as a deep path to personal discovery. Through unique workshops and personal coaching Spiral Arts encourages spiritual exploration, healing with art, creative expression, intuitive art-making and opportunities to find meaning on your path.
No art experience or talent is necessary – you already have everything you need inside you!


Dr. Patricia Wild holds a CGS (Certificate of Graduate Study) in The Professional Applications of the Expressive and Creative Arts from Salve Regina University. She also holds a Master’s degree in Art Education and a Doctoral degree in Education from the University of Cincinnati, and a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Washington University. She has more than thirty years of teaching experience at all levels, from pre-school through graduate school, and in a variety of settings, including public and private schools and museum settings. Patricia is also an exhibiting artist, a published writer, and an inveterate seeker and learner.


Samples of some Creative Expression …

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SPIRAL ARTS has won the 2019 “Most Transformative Expressive Arts Meditative Centre – USA” Alternative Medicine and Holistic Health award offered by Global Health and Pharma-News (GHP) magazine. GHP describes the award as recognizing, “those who go above and beyond for their patients and customers, striving to offer relief and reassurance, in places where traditional medicine cannot.”

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Category: Arts
Quick Facts:
  • Discover the creative force you were born with
  • Find and release your energy in new and productive ways
  • Remove layers of habitual and conditioned attitudes and responses to experiences
  • Explore your life with fresh awareness
  • Uncover your passion, personal power, and purpose
  • Discover the strength and resilience that are your constant companions always at your disposal
  • Find new ways of bringing understanding and healing to all areas of your life